Matthew Mugar co-founded Boa Logistics in 2009 with a dream of ranking on the Inc. 5000. When he and his partner, Walter Lopes, achieved their goal in 2014, they set a new one: to make the list five years in a row.

“Once we hit, I remember thinking, ‘This is amazing, but how are we going to do it again?’ I knew the business had to evolve. Walter and I started this journey as great salespeople, and we became great at operations and accounting, too. But there was one thing missing--HR,” Mugar explains.

Mugar jokes that HR was the last thing two young salespeople hungry for growth wanted to handle, but they knew it was critical to expansion. So, in 2015, they outsourced human resources to Insperity, opting for the company’s full-service HR solution.

Five years later, Boa Logistics is a global forwarding company with 35 employees and five consecutive years of Inc. 5000-ranking growth under its belt. This would not have happened without Insperity, says Mugar. The relationship helps him navigate workplace challenges and reduce HR-related liabilities, as well as attract, retain, and develop the talent he needs to usher in the next phase of growth.

Having the Company’s Back

Some of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face are internal, not external. One of the reasons Mugar partnered with Insperity was to help him reduce--and in some cases, rectify--employee misunderstandings. The first 48 hours of their partnership, Mugar’s dedicated HR specialist at Insperity coached him on an issue that was thwarting team progress and destroying culture. Mugar had been unsure of the relevant legalities and worried about saying the wrong thing. His Insperity HR specialist helped him devise a solution that protected the business while respecting employee rights, and together, they resolved the situation quickly.

“(Our Insperity relationship) has been fundamental in helping shape Walter and me into more powerful CEOs, as we are now armed with the knowledge of employer and employee rights,” Mugar says.

Since then, Insperity has helped Boa Logistics navigate countless workplace challenges. Managers can call any time for immediate support and guidance. Likewise, employees can reach out to Insperity for advice or to air grievances. Mugar appreciates how Insperity supports his team, while also “having the company’s back.”

Most recently, in the wake of COVID-19, Insperity helped Boa Logistics understand the issues of working from home and furloughing. Insperity even worked with Mugar to craft an internal communication to help ensure employees felt safe during these challenging times. Furthermore, employees get access to a free, 24-hour counseling service through the employee assistance program that Insperity provides as part of its full-service HR solution.

Protecting the Nucleus

Over the last six years, Boa Logistics has quadrupled in size in both headcount and revenue. Mugar credits this growth to the team--the “nucleus” of the business. As an entrepreneur, his job is to invest in them.

“If you don’t take care of your employees, they will leave,” he cautions, “and replacing and training employees takes time and money.”

Insperity provides an attractive benefits package to employees, including a 401(k) plan, that complements Boa’s competitive salaries and appeals to top talent. Insperity also ensures new hires have a seamless onboarding experience and is responsible for payroll--a function Mugar used to oversee himself. Employees direct payroll questions to Insperity, which saves managers time.

Boa Logistics knows career advancement is important to its team. This year, Insperity helped them launch a digital learning program that provides employees a clear path to growth. The curriculum includes training on software and leadership skills to position Boa’s people to perform better in their current roles and prepare them for their next ones.

“If you want your business to thrive, each employee needs to be continually learning and taking on more responsibility,” he explains. “If you are not creating new opportunities, your employees are not growing.”

Now, Boa Logistics is preparing for its next phase of growth. Its cold chain trucking, warehousing, and international freight services are taking off, and Mugar predicts increases in headcount and revenue. Fortunately, Insperity’s services are able to scale with the company’s needs.

Mugar can’t imagine coming this far without Insperity, and he is confident the relationship will support his planned expansion.

“By investing in HR, you are investing in your company, and it will pay off tenfold if you do it right.”