In today’s digital age, and particularly in the era of COVID-19, remote work is the new norm. For technology firms competing for coveted tech skills, adopting a remote work model expands the talent pool beyond the boundaries of their offices. But it can also make it challenging to ensure employees feel supported and connected to the company culture. For companies with remote workers in multiple states, that requires keeping up with varied and ever-changing state statutes and regulations.

The ability to recruit, retain, and care for a skilled remote workforce powers fast growth for NearShore Technology. The U.S.-based IT project development firm operates three offices in the United States and two in Mexico--and employs technology experts across six states. For guidance on managing and optimizing its multistate workforce in the U.S., the forward-thinking firm relies on Insperity’s full-service HR solutions built specifically for small and midsize businesses.

Insperity helps NearShore nurture its mission-first culture, compete with larger companies for coveted technology skills, and manage the costs and risks associated with a remote workforce. The trusted relationship is so integral to NearShore’s growth, CEO Gabriel J. Apodaca has recommended Insperity to more than 20 companies.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Apodaca has worked with Insperity for 22 years. Before launching NearShore, he was charged with overseeing operations and HR for a leading technology company. At first, he struggled to match the level of employee care he had experienced at larger companies - until he met Insperity.

“When I was introduced to Insperity, it was like a giant breath of fresh air,” he says. “The company truly cared about people. Its value proposition included lowering the time I had to spend on HR and resource management risk, increasing visibility [to job prospects], and keeping up with the benefits and employer requirements for each state.”

After starting NearShore, Apodaca reached out to Insperity almost immediately. NearShore offers companies an alternative to offshoring by allowing them to access IT professionals within their same time zone. Since its inception, it has abided by a simple mission statement: to add value to customers, employees, stakeholders, communities, and the world. The “add value” mission is the backbone of its culture and contributes to NearShore’s inclusion in Inc. magazine’s listing of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

Adding value for employees means delivering a seamless employee experience. Insperity makes that possible. Since 2014, it has handled many aspects of HR for NearShore, from payroll and tax documentation, to ongoing counsel for employees and managers, to benefits and HR-related compliance. When Apodaca compares Insperity’s fees to what he would spend on a “homegrown HR solution”--the cost of HR management, HR support and benefits, plus his managers’ time--he says confidently, Insperity “wins every time.”

Managing “the new normal”

NearShore is increasing headcount to support its growing roster of medical technology, finance, and high-tech clients. Finding skilled technology workers is not easy, in part because they are in high demand. Insperity provides employees access to a comprehensive benefits package, “leveling the playing field” so NearShore can compete with larger organizations for talent.

Insperity’s HR compliance services also help NearShore manage employer-specific risks and keep up with HR requirements, including COVID-19-related changes and recommendations.

“Insperity’s ability to support us as the world moves to remote circumstances has been a big differentiator for us and them,” says Apodaca.

Apodaca recalls he also had Insperity by his side after 9/11, during his tenure at a previous firm. The guidance the HR services provider offered helped him navigate economic and emotional challenges, while keeping his team aligned and secure.

In addition to supporting NearShore in times of crisis, Insperity enables the company to seize opportunities, such as entering new geographic markets. The firm recently moved its headquarters to Atlanta to better leverage its partnership with Georgia Tech. Insperity supported the decision-making and assisted NearShore with its move-related due diligence.

Unless HR is your core competency, Apodaca suggests business owners outsource this function. He continues to refer organizations to Insperity because of its breadth of service, cost efficiency, and customer service. Like NearShore, Insperity works hard to add value for customers and to deliver a “gold standard of support.”

“We expect to become one of the largest companies in our class,” says Apodaca. “HR and our growing workforce play a key role in that, and Insperity is the cornerstone of our remote work model.”