"This will be fixed" is the mantra. This will be fixed because we care about you, our customer. Remember always to acknowledge receipt of a customer complaint as soon as possible. Customer-focused companies make all dissatisfied customers feel like they have been a true agent of change, spurring the company to make improvements, not merely treat symptoms.

Acknowledge Receipt of Complaints Immediately
Acknowledge receipt of every complaint immediately by e-mail. Your first contact should be an e-mail message (or phone call, if the complaint warrants it) letting the customer know that you've received the complaint, that you're sufficiently concerned about the problem to contact the customer, and that your customer service team is on the job to resolve the issue.

Explain Exactly How You Will Remedy the Problem
It's vital to explain in writing to your customer exactly what will be done to fix the problem and when. Here is a template you can use to create an e-mail letter for your customer.

Make a Goodwill Gesture to Your Customer
Turn a negative customer experience into a positive one by sending a replacement item (or refund) to customers with a personal note of apology and some additional item of value. This unexpected extra, which can be a coupon, product, or discount on a future purchase, helps compensate customers for their time and trouble. You can create loyal customers by admitting a mistake, expressing appreciation for help in improving service, and exceeding your customer's expectation by providing something extra.

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