With apologies to Tip O'Neill, you might say that all business is local. That is why Inc.com is rolling out 12 new sections devoted to some of the major metropolitan areas in which our readers do business. These pages pull together relevant articles, video, and guides, and they are designed to be equally helpful to locals entrepreneurs and to outsiders who are scouting new markets. Want to open an office in Vegas or in the Bay Area?  Or find out about the coolest up-and-coming companies in Seattle and Chicago? We've got you covered.

Our Local Sections also explore some of the challenges of doing business overseas, specifically in London, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. We've got a great interview with one of the U.K.'s coolest companies as well as an informative guide to business customs in Beijing.

In addition to new material, these pages gather together everything we've written about these cities in the past. We'll update the sections on a regular basis, so check back. You can find our featured city pages through the navigation at the bottom of each page on our site. Over the next couple months, we'll be rolling out more cities, so if yours isn't represented today, post a comment below telling us where we should go next, and what we should look to cover.



Mike Hofman