Gabby Reece and Laird Hamilton are blessed in countless ways. Married for 15 years, with three healthy and happy daughters, they both also happen to be world-class athletes, best-selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, sought-after public speakers, and models/fitness gurus.

It may seem to look easy for them.

Only it isn't always as easy as it looks.

Behind this appearance of natural perfection are two people driven to be the best in everything they do. They are passionate about their workout routines, nutrition, businesses and families. If there's something not quite right in their lives, they make a point of fixing it.

This drive to improve was ingrained in them as elite athletes. Reece was one of the best beach volleyball players in the world before her later successes as an entrepreneur, fitness guru, and author. In her mind, living a life as diverse as possible is as natural as breathing.

While Reece made her fame on the beach, Hamilton's fame came from his life on the water--he's one of the most famous surfers in history.

The sand and sea have taught them lessons they have applied to their lives.

"What you get from being an athlete is learning about the importance of preparation, and to not be deterred by obstacles or get distracted, but to continue to drive towards the end goal," Hamilton explains. "I feel an internal drive or calling that continues to move me forward both personally and professionally."

"For me, it's the necessity of embracing hard work, and finding enjoyment within the grind," Reece adds. "Don't be threatened by people who you work with that are better at certain things than you. Co-workers, like members of a sports team, need to be empowered to make the team or group better. They win you win, doesn't matter how you get there."

The athletes and entrepreneurs fill their days with intense physical workouts, meetings, travel and as much family time as they can muster. Both acknowledge there aren't enough hours in the day to give enough time for all the many facets of their life. While work/life balance is often difficult to achieve, they have figured out ways of prioritizing what needs attention.

"Whatever I'm doing at any given time, I try to be as present as possible and to actively participate in whatever part of my life I'm engaged in at that very moment," Hamilton says.

"I don't know that I ever feel like I achieve balance, but I'm certainly giving it my best shot," Reece concedes. "Obviously my family and work take a certain amount of energy and priority, but I know I am more effective if I am simultaneously taking care of myself and my health. The guilt-free and good kind of selfish is important to help finding ways to strike more of a balance in life especially as a working mom."

Doing things together as a family is one way to create shared time and experiences.

When it came time to research teeth straightening options for their teenage daughter, Gabby and Laird zeroed in on Invisalign clear aligners as the best possible choice. In fact, in the family spirit of being your best possible self, Gabby and Laird decided to join their daughter in the treatment journey with all three sharing the experience of improving their smiles together.

"I'm very active and Invisalign clear aligners move with me in all facets of my life," Hamilton says. "So regardless, if I'm training, surfing, eating, or sleeping, the Invisalign treatment fits my lifestyle."

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Reece was even more enthusiastic.

"I would have never addressed any dental issues at this age if I had to wear traditional braces," she says. "Invisalign treatment works with my active lifestyle, and helps me as a mom have a realistic option to improve the dental health of my teenage daughter.

"As with all choices in my life, I didn't want just any option, I wanted the most advanced and effective."

Reece and Hamilton are just getting started. Every day is treated as an opportunity to learn, to live as healthily as possible and to constantly be opening new doors. For both, it means being true to themselves and always striving to be their best selves.

"I live by the philosophy of not following in anyone else's path," Hamilton says. "That doesn't mean not to be inspired or learn from others, but to truly try to tap into your own voice that will lead you to your own path.

Gabby sums it up in one of her favorite quotes from an unknown Navy SEAL.

"Never let your dreams be greater than your accomplishments".