The key to staying healthy is simple in theory - maintain the right balance of calories in and calories out. But then, your friends want to meet up for happy hour and Master of None releases a new episode and suddenly, trekking to the gym and cooking up a healthy dinner are the last thing on your list.

What if you treated your health the way that you ran your business? They say your business is like your baby and seeing it fail is the one thing every entrepreneur tries to avoid. We're usually more forgiving to ourselves for not doing the "healthy" thing because we feel invincible, but the truth is, one day all of these non-negotiables will add up and lead to undesirable consequences.

It's completely preventable, though. Just follow these basic business tips and apply them to your workouts and eating habits for instant results.

Create a business plan

It's the first thing any bank or investor asks for when you're starting your business, so it's the first thing you should have in planning out your health journey. List out your goals (make 'em specific), create a realistic deadline, and develop a detailed roadmap to get there. To get all this information as accurate as possible, make sure you...

Do your research

Know what's out there. You wouldn't open up a brick and mortar shop in a neighborhood you know nothing about, right? When it comes to your own health, research the gyms in your area, personal trainers who can help you reach the right goals, fitness classes that could supplement your journey, workouts that suit your style, and reliable nutrition tips that could guide you to making the right food choices. Remember, you can choose your own adventure. If you have the funds, hire all the help you need or if you're bootstrapping, stay savvy by tapping into smart resources.

Schedule a meeting - and don't be late

This one's simple. Know exactly when, where, and how you'll work out. Would you miss or be late to an important VC meeting? Then why skimp out on investing into your own health? When it's locked into your calendar, you'll have no other choice but to show up.

Be open to pivoting

Sometimes your business grows 250% in the first year, other times it completely flat lines. Understand that the same will go for your health goals. Any change you implement will have immediate effects but over time, your body will require a shakeup for any major changes. Be open to that change and remember, it doesn't have to be big. Sometimes the smallest shifts create the biggest outcomes.

Know your product inside and out

Your body is your product. Instead of immediately following trending fitness and nutrition advice, take into account of what actually works for you. Sure, morning workouts may be all the rage, but maybe you function better when you can work in the morning and let loose in the evening.

Check in daily, weekly, monthly

In business and in health, know your numbers. Knowing your progress will help motivate you to stay actionable, but remember, don't get caught up in the minute changes - fluctuations are normal. Just ask the stock market.

Go hard or go home

You wouldn't open a business with half of your heart into it, right? Same goes for your health regime. Don't be afraid to go 100% with your whole heart. That's when magical things happen.