It has been three years since I've toyed with this idea of opening a gym. First, I wanted to start it one way and then another and then eventually, I didn't want to do it at all. I went from zero to sixty and back to zero every few days.

Today, I am so excited to say that the tables have finally turned for the better.

I am doing it. I'm going to open a gym.

I know this time is different because unlike all the times before, it makes sense. Financially, logistically, and emotionally, the pieces are fitting together. Most importantly, I know it's different because it's all I want to work on.

If you ever find yourself in a rut or feeling off about a passion project, don't beat yourself up about it. There are times when it works and times when it doesn't. If it's the latter, use it as extra time to reassess your situation, remind yourself why you're doing this, and keep on keeping on.

Trust me, I went through the latter for the better part of three years, so it's taken a lot to keep motivated. If you find yourself in that boat, keep workshopping your idea until you feel confident about the following points below and then run with it.

You have a list of customers ready to go.

Whether it's a list of past clients or newcomers, you need a solid group who is going to make the move with you. If you're not here yet, think about running ads and landing page signups to start creating buzz. Remember, your business cannot exist without customers, so get them on board early and fast.  

You have funding for the project and rainy day funds.

If something bad happens, you want to be prepared financially. Alternatively, if something good happens, you want to be able to invest money into your project. Regardless of your situation, knowing your finances and how to protect yourself is crucial.

For this gym, I have separate accounts in which I've been saving for day-to-day life, business, and rainy day. Financial planners recommend money market accounts to make the most of your dollar.

You have a prototype that's been tested and confirmed.

 If that means a physical product, make sure it's been tested, reviewed, and tested again. If it's a service, try it out on as many friends and family as possible. Most people spend most of their time here, as they should, to perfect and hone in on what they do best.

For me? I have been teaching fitness classes for almost nine years. Every class I teach is another opportunity to perfect what I hope to one day implement in my own gym.

You have a plan.

 It doesn't have to be a perfect plan, let alone the right plan. It just has to be an idea, a dream, a goal of where you hope to go. Don't worry about following it. Have it there to reference to when times to get hard to remind you where you're headed.

You feel confident and unshaken.

 I used to absolutely despise looking at retail spaces (okay, I still do). I'm often met with pretentious and undermining leasing agents that assume I don't know what I'm talking about and it drives me absolutely insane. I used to take their questions as attacks on my knowledge, but I know better now. Instead, I take it as a time to showcase everything I've been working so hard for and remind myself that no one can shake me unless I let them.

This is an ode to you, you who may be going through the ups and downs of trying to get out the door. This is a reminder that it's okay, in fact it's more than okay, to experience the struggle and hone your practice before you go big. When you've got it right, you will know it in your heart.