Frank Tucker is the Chief People Officer (notice it's not Chief Human Resource Officer) of Taco Bell and has been working with the company for the past 23 years. He has been in pretty much every HR related role and function in the company so he's got quite a diverse background! Taco Bell is in all 50 states and employees around 200,000 which includes franchisees as well as full-time employees. In this episode of The Future of Work Podcast we take a look at how Frank and Taco Bell think about the future employee.

For starters, Taco Bell (like most every other company) looks for really great people to start working there. In some cases, they understand this may only be a stepping stone for certain employees in their careers. In other cases, there are employees who want to grow and develop within the company and see Taco Bell as longer term career. This includes employees who develop into managers and leaders who run their own franchises. Education is a huge focus at Taco Bell and they have various programs including their Live Mas Scholarship, the GED Taco Bell program, and the Learn Mas program which works with Excelsior College (all discussed in the podcast). Taco Bell invested in creating these programs because they found that education is something that employees care about the most. 

Taco Bell employees a lot of younger people and early on they realized that Millennials and Gen Z really need to understand the "why" in order to be able to effectively do their jobs. They have also been thinking about the freelancer economy and if they might be able to leverage this emerging workforce to quickly staff up during peak times and then staff down when things slow down. Not only that Taco Bell also works with DoorDash to deliver their products to homes around the country. 

Frank is pretty honest about the fact that Taco Bell doesn't have all the answers or solutions to adapt to the changing workforce. But one of the things that makes their approach unique is their ability to experiment and test things out. We talk about all of that and much more in the podcast below. You can subscribe to get more episodes!


What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How Taco Bell Approaches Leadership and People Development
  • Age Differences in the Workplace
  • Frontline Workers and Knowledge Workers
  • Leadership Programs: The Mark, The Quest, and The Spark
  • How the Concept of the Employee is Changing
  • Advice for Future Employees and Managers
Published on: Jul 25, 2016
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