Most of our educational institutions and organizations around the world are focused on IQ, the raw intelligence that a particular person has (or doesn't). We are taught things like strategy development, business planning, and delegation and once we get inside of an organization this training continues. Knowledge is the biggest commodity today. To be the smartest person in the room all you need is a smartphone and while these things may be important what I believe is even more crucial is EQ, or the emotional intelligence element. If you take a look at most curriculums inside of schools or if you look at the types of training programs that organizations offer, you'll be lucky to come across anything that deals with the "softer side" of business.

I find this to be ironic, especially since we can't go a day without hearing about all the conversations around robots and automation taking away our jobs. Humans want to work with other humans, not with robots. The best way to show that you are human is by embracing the EQ factors that includes vulnerability in the workplace, learning how to listen, and encouraging and supporting others. These skills have never been more important. While IQ is still important for us to look at, I want to encourage all of you to not forget about EQ.

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