When thinking about the future of work, especially in regards to freelance or gig jobs, do you think it is better to be a generalist or a specialist? A generalist is someone who is fairly good at performing a broad range of jobs, whereas a specialist is very skilled in one particular type of work. For example, a handyman vs. an electrician. A handyman can come into your house and work on a large array of problems such as basic plumbing, electrical, or appliance issues. An electrician is only going to be able to come in and fix electrical problems, but he is going to be able to do so with much more expertise than a general handyman. Some people might say it is better to be one or the other, but when looking at the future of work I think it is important to be both a generalist and a specialist.

In order to really succeed it is important to have, what I call, a T-shaped skillset. The top of the T representing a very broad, general skillset that you are reasonably good at and the rest of the T representing a very strong ability in one specific area. This T-shaped skill set really goes along with the number one skill in the future of work, which is to learn how to learn. Do you agree? Use #AskTheFuturist on Twitter to share your thoughts on this subject. You can also use the hashtag to ask me a question for a future episode. I look forward to seeing what you think!

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