When it comes to corporate culture, perhaps the topic or theme that that is referred to most is "purpose." There have been many debates around where purpose inside of our organizations actually comes from. Should the organization be responsible for creating a sense of purpose or is this something that employees should bring with them "on the job." Folks like Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" fame, believe that employees should find jobs with career prospects and then bring their passion and sense of purpose to that job, as opposed to searching around for that one dream job that will have purpose built into it. Then we have others who believe it's actually worth holding out for that dream job and that anything else would be a disservice.

Both sides make a fair point but I think both sides are also very focused on purpose being one-sided. The ideal scenario would be working for an organization where both of these things come together. Where the organization does a good job of helping employees feel connected to the company and where employees come to work with the right attitude and behavior. This is really where the magic happens and where a true sense of purpose is created.

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