Glassdoor is a  career website that is like a TripAdvisor or Yelp for organizations. All you have to do is search for the name of almost any company and it will reveal a wealth of information like employee salaries and reviews, pictures of offices, CEO approval ratings, and even benefit details. So nearly anything you would want to know about an organization can be seen, for free! The information on Glassdoor is shared by employees about the organization where they work. This exceptional amount of transparency is great if you have a wonderful place to work. However, if you have unethical practices and don't treat your employees well that will also be uncovered!

Conversations about your brand, values, and leadership are all happening in public domain. Potential employees can search for an organization before they even send in their resume and know if it is somewhere they want to work. This is amazing and will soon go even deeper. Other companies are beginning to share manager rankings and reviews. So once you decide an organization is right for you, you can then take the next step of checking out which managers are rated highly and which teams are performing the best. Then you can decide who you wish to work under. Of course, there will be some limits on what can publicly be displayed but once you're in the door the transparency would be there.

With the transparency comes many benefits, but also challenges. As an individual, you need to be able to adapt and evolve, or no one will want to work with you. Your role as a manager will be useless! As an organization, some may have to shift their mentality to creating a place where people want to be or employees will be difficult to come by. While the level of transparency rises in the coming years, it is important to look at your business models and management in a way to create an environment where people want to work.

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