Love him or hate him, I guarantee that you have a strong opinion of Donald Trump. In fact, everybody has a strong opinion about Donald Trump, and that's no coincidence. 

Trump makes sure of this. He makes sure of it every time he appears on CNN, Fox, or any of the twenty-or-so other press outlets who have his PR manager's phone ringing off the hook.

How is he able to evoke such strong emotions in voters? He's a lifelong marketer, that's how. He wants you to have strong feelings.

Even if you don't agree with his politics, you can't deny the impact of his marketing tactics. Here are seven Trumpisms to emulate (and avoid entirely).

1. Stand Your Ground

Trump makes bold claims but he never backs down. He would never put his credibility at risk by second-guessing or otherwise jeopardizing the amount of confidence he has behind any of his statements. 

Trump has maintained the same audacious personality that he's embraced for years. He states his opinions firmly, and asserts them like fact. Similarly, as a marketer, it is important to grow and maintain a strong brand, and stay true to your beliefs.

2. Never Compromise Your Integrity

Trump wanted to show voters that he was "right" about his statements against an entire race of people, and did so in a way that came across as extremely offensive and insensitive.   

Whatever your point may be, and regardless of whether you are right or wrong, never compromise your integrity by allowing yourself to be offensive. This isn't something Trump has mastered.

3. Know Your Audience

Trump works the massive Republican party the way a sales person works a lead. He views his voters like potential clients and he treats them as such. 

Trump knows his audience, knows what they want, and knows what makes them react. Trump appeals to the interests of his audience, and says whatever he needs to in order to win their approval. 

Knowing your target audience and knowing what drives them is crucial for convincing them. 

4. Never Insult a Competitor to a Customer

If you are a marketer or salesperson competing against another company or organization, it will never do any good to speak badly about your competition. As we've seen with Trump, doing so will make you seem tacky and unprofessional.

The tactful way to position yourself above a competitor when speaking with a customer is to present your value as being higher than the competitors--and be able to explain why. 

5. Extract the Customer's Pain Points and Present a Solution

Trump was able to recognize that many Americans are scared of terrorists, and so he dug into this fear like pressing a finger into an open wound. 

He made his audience feel and recognize their own pain, constantly revisiting this fear. In doing so Trump makes his audience vulnerable and eager for a savior or solution to their pain. 

Once Trump recognizes a pain point, he offers a solution that he thinks people will find comforting.

6. Don't Make Enemies with Potential Supporters

Trump's behavior has caused him to lose allies, assets he should never have to sacrifice. As a marketer, your goal should be to please and impress--never at the expense of turning someone away.

7. Always Speak with Confidence

Trump is not soft-spoken. 

Exuding confidence is very important for establishing yourself as strong candidate, or marketing a solution.