There are five penguins standing on a floating iceberg. 

They are practically starving and want to eat the fish that are swimming below them, but the water is freezing and there are sharks swimming in the water, too.  The penguins continue standing on the iceberg for several minutes, not sure of what to do.  Finally, one penguin dives in, catches the first fish, and the rest follow.

That first penguin is an  entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are not like ordinary people.  In fact, they're far from it.  The willingness to take leaps - sometimes unsupported by logic or reason - in pursuit of some grandiose goal - defines what many would categorize as insanity. 

As an entrepreneur yourself, however, this is just part of daily life.  You are a different type of person altogether - you dream big, take what you want, and never stop trying to achieve your goals.  If you think you were born to be an entrepreneur, these ten traits will confirm it.

1.    You believe in yourself

If there were one trait that holds true for you and every entrepreneur, it's that at your core you believe in yourself.  You believe in your vision, you believe in your means to achieve your goals, and you believe that you will succeed in the long run.  This type of big-picture thinking is what leads some entrepreneurs to sacrifice short-term pay for the slight chance of a huge payout.  

Believing in yourself makes even the largest dreams seem within reach.  Entrepreneurs often receive skepticism or discouragement from people they trust - yet their belief in their own passion resonates more strongly. 

You want others to believe in you, too.  For this reason, you place a heavy emphasis on growing your brand and promoting your opinions.

2.     You have some Insecurity

People think of entrepreneurs as bold risk takers who aren't afraid of anything.  Ironically, this is far from true.  Insecurity compels you to overachieve and be hyper-focused on hitting your goals.  Insecurity is what keeps you up at night working on your project instead of being overconfident and assuming success. 

3. You Take Charge

You are the first penguin to jump in the water, and you make sure that you catch the most fish.

You don't wait for orders. When you know something needs to be done, you do it. You don't need micromanagement, and you want to be your own boss. Rather than overanalyze minor processes, you take action swiftly and decisively, and are results-oriented.

4. You are Crafty and Innovative

You are malleable like a chameleon.  Businesses rarely go as planned, and so you  constantly think of new ways to accomplish your goals and improve your business.  You confront new obstacles with ease, and pivot your actions seamlessly.

5. You are Outspoken

Your are never shy to share your opinion.  You are confident when speaking about and defending your opinion, and you aren't afraid to challenge someone on their views.

6. You're obsessed with making money

Yes, you are passionate about what you do.  But let's face it - to work that hard towards a business plan you need to care about the net outcome of that business plan, which is ultimately to make money. 

The entrepreneurs who are insatiable in terms of income are the ones who elevate their companies towards billion-dollar valuations rather than selling out for a fraction of it.

7. You get into trouble

You don't always play by the rule book.  You know what they want, and you take it. You pay less attention to things that you feel don't matter.  You would rather ask for forgiveness than permission, and you refuse to let anything or anyone stand in your way.   

8. You are Hyperactive

You have a relentless stream of energy that compels them to work the hardest and to persevere against all odds.  You are energized and eager to win, and will do anything to make your dream successful.

9. Thrive on Challenge

When other people back away from a situation, you dive right in.  You see challenges as opportunities to grow, and you aren't afraid of losing. 

While you thrive on difficulties, you are also resilient.  Entrepreneurship can be tough, and so you  rebound quickly from defeats and move on to the next victory.

10. You are Fearless

You aren't scared of getting into trouble. You will sell your house to start a new business - because you know that's what it takes. You love the adrenaline that you get from new challenges.