It's that time of year again. It's time for proclaiming our New Year resolutions. I know that most people give up on them by February. But, here are 10 New Year Resolutions that you may want to keep - If you manage to maintain your focus on them, they will certainly give your career a boost:

1. Read More Business Content - Focus on reading as much as you can on your field or industry so that you can be better informed on trends and "next practices." This extra knowledge will make you more valuable in your current role and open up other opportunities for career advancement.

2. Learn Something New - Autodidacts, those that self-learn, bring something more to the job than those that assume more passive roles in their education and learning. Take the initiative and learn something new that will help you to bring a new dimension to your job and watch how valuable you become to your organization.

3. Publish Something Worth Reading - Commit to writing something, even if it's only intended for internal publication, that contributes to the advancement of the thinking in your field or industry. The act of crafting and publishing this kind of piece will require you to think more deeply about the topic than you otherwise would and writing is a great professional skill to continue to develop and to improve throughout your career.

4. Practice a New Soft Skill - We all develop new "muscle memory" through practice. So, whether it's something like delegation, active listening or assertiveness, choose a soft skill that you'd like to get better at and practice it throughout the year. You can never had a enough tools in your professional toolkit.

5. Give a Co-Worker Some Credit - Don't be a glory hound! Your leadership team will recognize and appreciate people who are humble and share credit. By calling a colleague out for a job well-done, you build your own credibility as a solid contributor.

6. Mentor Someone - You raise your own worth by demonstrating a willingness to give back. Support a less experienced co-worker and show them the ropes and you'll extend your network, while assisting someone else get up to speed quicker than they would on their own.

7. Volunteer for a Special Project - Show some ambition and offer to work on a special project. It will provide you with a new challenge and, perhaps, put you on your manager's radar screen.

8. Improve a Work Process - Make something better within your work setting and you'll be doing yourself and your company a favor. Besides improving the way a job is done, you'll exhibit a leadership trait that can serve to move you ahead.

9. Help a Colleague - Be willing to go out of your way to help others with whom you work. You'll build a reputation as someone who can get things done and you'll leave a lot good will in your wake - both, essential elements of separating yourself from the herd at work.

10. Forgive a Colleague - It's good professional practice to avoid holding a grudge. Indeed, forgiveness is a gift that you can give yourself as you focus on the important things - like your career development.

And, with that, let me close by wishing you the best of luck and good fortune in making 2017 your finest work year, yet! Go get 'em!