The holidays are a great time for reflection. They allow us to think back and review the past year and appreciate all of things that we can be thankful for. They also allow us to consider some of things that didn't go so well this year and determine opportunities for improving them. One thing that we all can do to improve things for next year is forgive someone that we work with.

After all, we have all been slighted, misled or otherwise aggravated by a colleague at some point this past year. Most of the time, the snub is shrugged off and we move on. But, there are always one or two where a grudge forms and it continues to inform all of your interactions with the offending individual. It's time to forgive - it's good for them and, more importantly, it's good for you and your business.

Don't buy it? Here are 10 reasons to forgive a colleague this holiday season:

1. Forgiveness makes you more productive - You find that forgiving someone makes you happy. The happier you are at work, the more productive you will be.

2. Forgiveness is empowering - By forgiving a co-worker, you stop playing the victim and start gaining control over the situation. We can't always avoid being insulted, but, we can control how we handle the alleged snub. If we form a grudge, we become a victim. If we forgive, we gain control.

3. Forgiveness lets you move ahead - Forming and holding grudge takes effort. If we forgive, we are freed from the work needed to maintain the resentment.

4. Forgiveness helps you grow - By practicing forgiveness with colleagues, we add to our ability to handle toxic people. This knowledge pays dividends the next time that we are confronted by a tough personality.

5. Forgiveness improves your mental toughness - Forgiveness is another social skill that requires some muscle memory to strongly develop it. By forgiving someone you're practicing a skill that you can add to your professional repertoire.

6. Forgiveness makes you smarter - The old adage suggests that we "forgive, but, not forget." It's solid advice. We should work to identify things that can be learned from the situation that caused the hard feelings to emerge and determine ways to better handle them so that they can be avoided in the future.

7. Forgiveness reduces stress - It's a proven fact, forgiveness lowers blood pressure reduces and the production of the stress-producing chemical Cortisol in the blood stream. Forgive someone and reduce your stress!

8. Forgiveness is a two-way street - Even if the colleague that you're forgiving fails to return the favor, you can take that time to forgive yourself for holding a grudge and expending the energy that it took to stew over the perceived slight or injustice imparted to you.

9. Forgiveness reduces continued workplace conflict - Grudges only cause conflict. Why not forgive a co-worker and reduce conflict in the workplace?

10. Forgiveness makes you feel good - Forgive a colleague and feel the weight just slide off of your shoulders. It's remarkable!

To close, it's important to recognize that forgiveness is a gift that you give yourself. Try practicing some with your co-workers this holiday season and come back to the grind next year with enhanced energy and vigor.