My Executive Checklist column began earlier in the year and has been well received by the Inc. Online community. In fact, one of my articles is featured in this month's Inc. print magazine, too. So, I thought it only fitting to wind down the year with some Christmas Wishes for the holiday season. In keeping with the well-known twelve days of Christmas theme, what follows are twelve holiday wishes for those that lead, serve or work on a team.

I wish for you and your team the:

  1. Healthy Challenges required to keep you on your toes, while growing the business and creating a business environment that enables you to flourish;
  2. Strength to get through the toughest of those challenges and to come out on the other side better for them;
  3. Trust needed to pull together and successfully work through whatever trials and tribulations the business world throws your way;
  4. Drive necessary to always do your best, regardless of the situation or circumstances that the team finds itself in;
  5. Grace that is essential to managing through the occasional mistakes that occur when doing your best;
  6. Fearlessness that is so vital to the exploration of new ground and the pushing of boundaries that lead to growth and profitability;
  7. Willingness to Learn the new things needed to develop additional skills and capabilities requisite to compete;
  8. Willingness to Change so to adopt new ways of "thinking and doing" that is compulsory for gaining market share;
  9. Confidence to overcome unforeseen adversities that are inevitable in today's global marketplace;
  10. Passion to deliver innovative products and impeccable services that set your firm apart from the rest;
  11. Wisdom to make the right decisions when confronted with an abundance of options that often serve to baffle and confuse a less experienced team;
  12. Sense of Humor so crucial to getting through work life's daily frustrations, while building the camaraderie desired for ongoing success.

With that, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May you and your team find good health and prosperity in the coming year...Please be sure to share these wishes with all on your team.