In this day and age, business-to-business relationships hold a key to success for many enterprises. However, many B2B relationships are fraught with challenges, including: custom-configuration issues, customer-specific pricing problems, tight delivery time-frames, multi-channel sales conflicts and coordination of inside- and outside-sales contact management.

Here are 5 ways to improve your B2B relationships:

1. Know yourself. What does your brand represent? What are you known to be by your key B2B partners? Are you known for high quality? Low price? Consistent customer support? Tremendous product features? Understanding yourself and your brand proposition can go a long way to helping you identify your key differentiators (which you'll need to continually exploit) and your areas for improvement (which you better fix before your partners find better providers).

2. Re-imagine your B2B relationships. What can you do to pleasantly astound your partners? What steps can you take to establish a mutually beneficial, collaborative relationship, while positioning your firm a step above your competitors? Perhaps it's through customized offerings, different pricing models or the delivery of impeccable customer support? Become easy to do business with by solving your partner's greatest B2B partnering challenges.

3. Consider "scalability" in all that you do. Anyone who regularly reads my column, already knows that I'm a huge proponent of constantly working towards making changes so to improve business execution. So, when contriving new ways to delight your B2B partners, be sure that your tactics for implementing your strategies are scalable - you will need to be able to scale up and down to match your business cycles (and, those of your business partners). In this way, you'll be positioned to handle downturns and meet demand as it rises and your business grows.

4. Find B2B partners with complementary technology. Digital business practices rely on solid and dependable cloud-based computing and data analytics suites. Be sure to find B2B partners that can bring corresponding technology to the relationship. It will make the establishment if business integration points easier to realize and will provide better opportunities for upward expansion if the B2B relationship.

5. Improve trust to enhance further partnering. The greater the trust between you and your partners the higher the likelihood that your B2B partnering will grow. Be sure to be consistent, keep all of your promises and keep your partners fully informed with any changes that may impact them or your relationship. Full transparency can only help you to establish the trust required to promote the furthering of mutual business interests.

To close, I trust that these 5 tips will come in handy as you look to grow your business through further B2B partnering. But, be warned: each of these require hard work and a strong dedication to making improvements in the way that you run your business in order to be fully realized. Be ready to do what it takes to be outstanding and you will succeed.

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