So, you want to become a visionary leader? But, you're afraid that you lack the foresight and creativity needed to fit the bill. While it may be true that some seem to have been born with an aptitude to anticipate the future, all is not lost if you happen to lack such natural talent. Here are 5 steps that you can take to develop your visionary capabilities:

  1. Practice Re-Imagining How Things Are. Taking the time to ponder alternatives to your firm's current ways of doing things and exploring possibilities for change can be a portal to seeing the future. It is through such consideration that break-through thinking occurs and the potential to great advances are revealed.
  2. Adopt an Outside-In Perspective. Seeing the business from an outsider's point-of-view is enlightening. The practice can inform new ways of thinking and doing because it opens a business up to re-examining its "sacred cows." The practice can lead to the discovery of better approaches to delighting customers and to the identification of new product ideas and innovations.
  3. Ask "Why Not?" When identifying options, don't give up on a preferred solution just because it first appears impossible to realize. Instead, get in the habit of continually asking, "Why not?" Such convention can help you to discover revolutionary solutions to complex problems.
  4. Seek Synergies. Leverage ideas and concepts from like-minded people. Synergistic thinking helps to unearth better answers than the common, conventional ones that are more easily identified. Sometimes combining supporting concepts in a problem-solving effort results in the evolution of truly visionary solution.
  5. Integrate Disparate Ideas Into Your Thinking. Innovation can be described as the reapplication of existing technology. The act of connecting disparate thoughts and theories together to produce new and ground-breaking solutions to today's problems represents a type of innovative thinking that truly visionary leaders possess.

Not everyone is a natural born visionary. However, with work and perseverance, you can develop the skills needed to become better at anticipating the future--an attribute that can help you to become the type of leader that your organization will follow to greatness.