From time to time, even your best people may slack off a bit. They lose focus or just need a break. It's part of the human condition, right? But, after some rest, it's the leader's responsibility to get those high performers back in the game. After all, it is the superstars who have the greatest impact on a business. Their contributions can make or break the long-term success of the enterprise. So, it is imperative that the best among us stay engaged and committed to continued achievement.

You need to communicate in the following ways to give a boost to high performers who may be starting to lag:

  1. Communicate the vision and help them see where they fit into the big pictureEveryone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. Provide that context and they will reengage.
  2. Clarify their role and responsibilities and show them how important and meaningful their contribution is to you and the organization. We all want meaning in our lives, so help your employees understand how they can achieve that through their work.
  3. Demonstrate your faith and trust by giving them a special or important assignment. Showing faith can motivate the disengaged to do their best. High performers take pride in their work. A special assignment can help them refocus on "hitting it out of the park."
  4. Renew your commitment to them by investing in their personal growth through the provision of training or new opportunities. Personal growth opportunities refresh the soul and can inspire new-found commitment to the organization. Firms like Google allow their staffs to dedicate a day a week to the development of personal projects.
  5. Involve them in a team-based project or program. Sometimes all that is needed to gain their commitment to the cause is providing them with the opportunity to work with new people on new things.

To close, staff engagement and motivation start with communication. Helping your team see and understand the big picture and the vital role that each of them plays in the future of the business is often just the "right" medicine to get a stalled employee back on track.