You may have read my 3-part series on Company Culture. It was featured in this column last month. In it I suggested that there were 6 levers available to leaders that enable culture transformation. Buried inside of those were digital business practices and social impact elements - two paradigms worthy of further exploration because their potential for startling impact on organizational dynamics.

If you don't believe "digitalization" and social impact paradigms will disrupt your company culture, then, take a moment to consider how these related changes will impact your business:

1. The firm double-downs on its commitment to develop staff's use of technology. Some people will not be able to make the journey and your culture will change.

2. Leaders often talk about the greater purpose of the organization. This will attract different talent to your organization and your culture will change.

3. Staff recognizes that the firm is always looking to exploit digital business practices to better position the organization to win the future. Some staff will become alienated and your culture will change.

4. The social impacts of strategic options are always considered as part of the decision-making process. Some leaders will fall out of their comfort zones and your culture will change.

5. The enterprise often improves its work activities through the use of digital applications and artificial intelligence technologies. This will shift the way work is performed and your culture will change.

6. Doing "good" is a recognized value of the organization. This will disrupt the status quo and your culture will change.

7. The work environment is constantly being monitored by leadership to identify opportunities to automate and digitize work activities. Some staff will want to participate in digitizing work activities and your culture will change.

8. Staff members are acknowledged for the contributions that they make in improving the lives of the communities that the organization serves. This new focus may motivate new behaviors and your culture will change.

9. Automated tools are built in ways to "learn" the way work is done to better help staff perform their work activities. This can become a threat to some staff and your culture will change.

10. The organization promotes and explains the steps staff can take to contribute to the betterment of society through their work within the enterprise. People may begin to take more pride in their work and your culture will change.

To close, it's tough to predict just how a given organization will shift and adjust to the changes that "digitalization" and a new social impact emphasis will bring. It's likely that reactions to these changes will be unique to each enterprise.

But, there is one certainty: Every day, digital-driven and social impact sensitive business practices (and constructs) are being leveraged and incorporated into organizations around the world - changing the ways in which we work and how our customers, suppliers and other ecosystem partners interact with us. So, as leaders, we must be prepared to proactively manage through the cultural impact of these changes or suffer the consequences of a laissez faire attitude.

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