Keeping people, property, and the environment safe is one of the utmost concerns of any municipality. The institutionalization of modern public safety programs that address the provision of exceptional fire and police protection, proactive infrastructure monitoring and sound emergency planning is an important aspect of the "City of the Future." Cutting-edge strategies that utilize state-of-the-art technology must be adopted to deliver the changes needed.

Here is what it may look like:

Detailed emergency planning safeguards the city's residents and assets. Elaborate emergency response plans are in place to protect the city's greatest assets in the case of a threatening event. Key personnel are trained to carry out all plans and state-of-the-art technology is employed to support them in execution. These plans ensure the protection of the city's people and the proper shielding of any valuable assets. The "City of the Future" is prepared to respond to any form of emergency because of its commitment to exceptional public safety.

Advanced data analytics has led to enhanced preventative capabilities. Cutting-edge data systems allow the "City of the Future" to respond to threats before they happen. These data systems provide valuable insight in managing every aspect of public safety from managing maintenance schedules to anticipating crime by city regions.

Your city has improved communication systems to quickly respond to emergency situations. The "City of the Future" provides its public safety staff members with advanced technology and modern strategies for the purpose of quick and effective communication. Police, Fire, and EMS are able to coordinate and collaborate at a rapid rate. Swift and efficient communication has led to a dramatic increase in emergency response time, which has been the key factor in protecting the city's residents. Lives and dollars have been saved with the utilization of modern communications systems.

Public safety is an indispensable element of all cities. City leaders can strengthen their city's public safety programs by identifying the right initiatives needed to institute best practices and exploit the latest technologies--enabling your city to adequately respond to any and all threats to public safety.

This 8-part series of articles, called the City of the Future, is intended to explore some of the fundamental areas of change that must be addressed to position our municipalities for the challenges that lie ahead in the early 21st Century. I invite you all to participate in the conversation. Together, we can effect change--if in no other way than at a grass roots level by helping our communities, where we live, to evolve.

The series continues tomorrow with an article on education transformation. Be sure to check it out here.


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Published on: Dec 9, 2014