Work slows a bit for many businesses during the Holiday Season. Even so, it can be quite a task to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead in the coming year, while immersed in the hustle and bustle of the Holidays. Let me suggest that we all become a bit more deliberate about using the Holiday slow-down to generate the positive energy that you'll need for the coming year. Here's how:

Slow Down to Rediscover Gratitude: You need to purposefully take some time each day this week to slow down and consider all of the things that you have to be thankful for. Look back on the past year and recognize those times when luck came your way. Recall the things that made you anxious this year and determine how much of that worry time was wasted on concerns that never came to fruition. Now, resolve to not waste that kind of time next year in worry and concern-instead, focus on things that you can control.

Say Thank You: With your head on straighter through rediscovering gratitude, it's time to make the effort actually recognize those that helped out along the way. Seek out and thank those that helped this year to be a good one. Even if gift giving is not your thing, making an effort to say thank you and show your gratefulness to someone else will help to make their day and energize you, as well.

Celebrate Little Victories: Show staff that you appreciate their effort and self-sacrifice by using the down-time to celebrate the little victories that you and your team enjoyed over the year. Pull people together for the sole purpose to honor those successes and reminisce about those times that you and your team came out on top.

Imagine What Next Year Can Bring: Like taking the time to recall reasons for gratitude, this is a good habit to establish for everyday use. Just take the time to close your eyes and imagine what you want your business to become, and then, focus on determining the steps needed to get there. Don't try to be greatly prescriptive just get some ideas in your head and some thoughts about how those ideas can be realized. They'll incubate as the year move along and just might discover a way to help your business break-through in the year ahead.

Do Something Nice for Someone in Need: It's the Holiday Season, so use it to help someone who can't help themselves. Charity work and monetary assistance can go a long way in making a difference in people's lives. When you do this, all that positive energy comes back to you and lifts you higher, too.

To close, the Holiday wind-down is the perfect time to do some things to energize yourself and those around you. Don't squander the opportunity to work on generating some positive energy for the coming year. Instead, use it to do some good and 2016 may be the best year, yet!

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