Not to be confused with the biblical reference to the beatitudes shared in the Sermon on the Mount, these "be attitudes" are suggestions that you may consider adopting to help you and your colleagues to establish better trust within your workplace. I hope that you find them worthy to put into practice:

1. Be Real, for it Inspires Confidence: Authenticity goes a long way in establishing trust in the workplace. It gives you legitimacy and others know that you're sincere in your words and actions. People trust people who keep it real. And no one likes, or trusts, someone who is disingenuous.

2. Be Clear, for it Limits Confusion: Say what you mean! Don't beat around the bush. Let others know where you're coming from. While some may like to operate under a cloud of mystery and imagination, that type of behavior can lead to misunderstanding and mistrust. Instead, be the truth-teller and no one will doubt your honesty.

3. Be Accountable, for it Demonstrates Integrity: Mean what you say! Keep your word and take responsibility when things go south and others will know that you are someone they can count on and trust.

4. Be Respectful, for it Begets Respect in Return: Respect for others can be a forgotten part of building trust. But, respectfulness garners confidence in you from others. Once confidence is established, trust follows.

5. Be Humble, for it Expresses Trustworthiness: Humility let's others see your that you're genuine. Being unpretentious helps people learn to trust you. Practice humility and people will flock to follow you.

6. Be An Exceptional Listener, for Shows Care: Listening carefully, looking to understand what the person means (and not just what they're saying) helps you to separate truth from fiction in a business setting. The more you gain this kind of insight, the more trustful you can be in your communication with others on your team.

7. Be A Continuous Learner and Thoughtful Teacher, for it Benefits Colleagues: Help others become better in what they do by learning new things yourself, and then, sharing it with others. People come to trust others that are helpful. Learn and teach to embody a person worthy of trust.

8. Be A Great Example, for it Motivates Change: If you want to build trust, show others what a person who can be trusted trust looks like. Be the person that garners trust. Ooze earnestness, honesty and candor in all that you do and say, and watch others model your behavior.

To close, trust at work is not always a given. In fact, it's gained over time. It is my hope that the above "Be Attitudes" of trust in the workplace will help you build trust where you work. For more on building trust at work, please reach out to me directly. I welcome your thoughts and questions.