There is an abundance of great information available on motorcycles in print and online.  You can find just about anything that you are interested in on the subject all aggregated and organized.  There is everything from terrific magazines like Rider that focuses on serving those that use their motorcycles for travel, recreation and commuting to specialty publications like American Iron, which specializes in the coverage of American-made motorcycles like Harley-Davidson and Indian.

However, one is hard pressed to find any single source of information on motorcycle trikes, a special segment of the motorcycle community that is beginning to grow as older riders turn in their current bikes for ones with three wheels - making them an ever more important growth segment for the motorcycle industry.

In fact, the profile of the typical trike rider is intriguing.  Most motorcycle trike riders:

  • Have been riding motorcycles for over 20 years
  • Ride over 5,000 miles a year
  • A third visit a motorcycle dealership every few months
  • Many plan to buy riding apparel this year
  • Many plan to buy a helmet this year
  • Most plan to buy a motorcycle tire or other part or accessory in the next 6 to 12 months

It is statistics like these that make an online portal, like the, so important.  The Trike Journal features everything that a trike rider (and those that want to become one) will ever need to know about living life on three wheels, including insights on:

  • Trikes and Trike Kits
  • Trike Builders
  • New Motorcycle Products and Accessories
  • Trike Riding Tips
  • Motorcycle Industry News
  • Preferred Online Parts and Accessory Stores

All of this information is gathered and organized into one, convenient online directory.  While the Trike Journal will surely inform and excite its visitors, it will also act as an important source of information for prospective customers of those in the motorcycle industry - someone interested in buying a trike, having it expertly built and buying the parts and accessories needed to customize and safely enjoy the ride.

As a motorcycle enthusiast myself, I know that the Trike Journal fills a huge "gap" in the industry.  A quick search around the web and you will find a few decent forums and user groups and a bunch of one-off sites dedicated to specific trike manufacturers and their dealers.  But, no one has brought all that information together for easy access and exploration. I hope that it spurs the interest among the three-wheeled crowd to keep it alive and vibrant.

To close, the Trike Journal is a good example of a new start-up focusing on filling a niche.  There is something to be learned here for all entrepreneurs - find a gap and fill it!  If you need some help in determining your niche, reach-out to me.  I am always interested in helping out.

Published on: Mar 19, 2018
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