Do you want to be successful in your new job or business endeavor? Forget about kissing up to the boss or driving yourself frantic over reeling in the biggest fish that the firm has ever seen. Instead, show some passion for what you're doing! It's really that simple.

We often equate passion with love. But, it's not just about that. By definition, passion is any intense emotion, compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. It conveys interest in a cause, discovery, activity or enthusiasm for a subject. When you're demonstrating passion for your job, you're showing the world that you care, are engaged in what you're doing and living in the moment. People respond to people who are passionate about what they're doing.

Not sure that passion can make a difference in your career? Think again!

Here are some examples of how people respond to your passion for the job:

How Managers Respond: You may have the most mundane and uninteresting role in the company, but if you ask some questions about how what you're doing fits into the bigger mission of the company, you earn points. Engage superiors in conversations about the importance of what you're doing and how it can be done better; you send the message that you care. Spend some extra time each week dedicated to learning more about how the business works--gaining perspective on its products, customers and competitors demonstrates an eagerness to contribute. Ultimately, managers reward and promote subordinates that are passionate about the business.

How Customers Respond: If you can show a customer that you have a desire to make a difference in their life or improve their relationship with your business, you will create a customer for life. There are many ways to demonstrate this desire. If you're in a consultative role, you may demonstrate some natural curiosity about them or their business. Asking questions that show that you care can make all of the difference. Showing empathy for their situation also helps a customer recognize that you want to do good by them. Rack up enough fantastic customer interactions and you will begin to build a portfolio of glowing recommendations that your boss can't ignore. Customers can't resist doing business with people that are passionate about making them happy.

How Co-Workers Respond: You can demonstrate passion for the work at hand to your colleagues by being collaborative, helpful and by going the extra yard to get the job done. Sure, no one likes a sycophant. But, people love working with people who are inclusive, supportive and are ready to lend a hand. Build a track record of being someone that can be counted on and your co-workers will support you in your passion for contributing to a job well done.

Indeed, passion is an important part of success in any endeavor. Demonstrate some in the workplace and you will become, by all accounts, a success. In fact, even if you have to fake 'til you make it, the act of you feigning passion will eventually inspire you to become passionate about some aspect of the job. Do it long enough and you'll be on your way to developing authentic interest and enthusiasm, which can be the launching pad for your career.

In the words of British Pub Rocker, Graham Parker, "passion is no ordinary word." But, it can be your secret to success.