If you haven't updated your CRM in a while or are still using the same intelligence technology you installed 5 years ago, you're leaving money on the table.

As technology continues to grow and become smarter, agile businesses need to constantly look for new ways to increase sales. Tools that didn't exist last year will be the way that business gets done in the future.

That's why I've identified these 4 sales tools that need to at least be on your radar was we start 2017. The tools speak to some of the major sales and marketing trends coming up in the near future, such as automation and precision targeting.

If you're content with burning money on outdated technology, stop here. If you want 2017 to be your best year yet, these are the tools your company needs today.


If your CRM isn't getting it done for you, take the new year to fire it and step up to Base.

Base puts everything you need front-and-center, giving you access to vital real-time statistics and allowing you to track your team's activity from a handy dashboard. It doesn't rely on bells or whistles, just giving you what you need to know to grow your company's sales.

Data from every customer interaction is automatically updated within Base, giving you a clear picture of how your company's efforts lead to conversions.

Unlike many other CRMs, their mobile app is a major strength. It's not a cookie-cutter program, allowing you to customize your dashboard and experience as you best see fit. I don't think you'll find an easier-to-use program that delivers this much. I can tell the team at Base really put user experience at the heart of operations.


It's 2017. Stop trying to generate leads using outdated technology. LeadCrunch's DeepFind machine learning platform collects proprietary data as it searches for key patterns that can help your sales team turn a lead into a paying customers.

LeadCrunch helps businesses generate B2B sales, using artificial intelligence to identify quality leads. Based on existing customers and a rapidly-shifting landscape, LeadCrunch's amazing tech can generate sales partners you've never dreamed of. They take data based on your existing clients to find similar companies in the U.S. who would also be interested in your offerings.

LeadCrunch takes all of the hassle of Big Data and formats it into sales fuel for your company's rocketship.


One of the highest-rated Contract Lifecycle Management platforms by G2 Crowd, Concord is how smart companies get contracts signed. It's agile enough to be useful from everyone from contractors to Fortune 500 brands such as Johnson + Johnson.

If you're still using Microsoft Word or dinosaur tech such as the fax machine to get vital contracts signed, you need to check out Concord. Instead of sending a Word document back and forth among members of your team, Concord allows you to collaborate in real time. It also flows seamlessly with Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.

After your sales team has agreed upon the contract, it can be easily sent to the vendor and returned -- cutting out anguish over previous revisions, as well as the uncertainty of sending a contract via fax or snail mail. This way, your company can present a unified front and streamline the contract process.

Worldwide, companies spend $153 billion per year on manual contract management. Let go of old processes and allow tools like Concord to make your company move quicker.


Automation is rapidly growing throughout the business world, and sales is no different. Billed as the AI of sales, Growbots is an all-in-one outbound sales machine.

Growbots automatically generates targeted leads for your company, searching a vast database of hundreds of millions of decision-makers to find the ones most likely to become your customers. They boast a bounce rate of less than 10 percent.

Growbots also automates emails and creates new sales opportunities. The tech is smart enough to automatically reschedule emails if your target has an out-of-office reply up.

Their software is super intuitive and customizable, so you can upload your own databases to augment what Growbots already has. Growbots has also earned high marks for great customer service, something that many sales platforms just don't truly understand.


Often, what separates a successful company from a failure is intelligence. Smart companies not only have access to loads of pertinent data -- they know how to organize it. InsideView compiles real-time social and business insights, giving companies the information they need now.

I love how InsideView works will with major CRMs such as Salesforce, enabling your sales team to have access to consumer data wherever they are. InsideView's proprietary technology allows you to diagnose the quality of current prospects, fix inaccuracies in your customer database and run targeted campaigns.

This level of data means your sales team will be more informed and ready to make decisions that boost your company's bottom line.


As customer purchasing patterns become increasingly complex, Datahug has the solution. Companies that use Datahug, a growing sales optimization platform, have seen a 21 percent boost to close rates. Additionally, those companies' reps spend up to 80 percent less time updating their CRM and 70 percent less time in deal review meetings.

Datahug uses the power of automation to let sales teams focus on productivity, not operations. Data from the entire pipeline is measured, quantified and analyzed, letting your sales professionals make clear and rational decisions for growth.

The key to Datahug is in automation. Processes such as lead routing and pipeline management are automatized, meaning your sales team spends less time bogged down in details.