In HBO's popular startup themed show, appropriately named 'Silicon Valley', a turnaround CEO named Jack Barker takes the reigns of the young startup Pied Piper, the company that the show centers around.

Pied Piper's green founders had started out with the intention of focusing on consumers, but when Barker takes over as CEO, he announces that they will be pivoting. They won't be targeting consumers, they will be targeting enterprise B2B companies.

While it's just a TV show and Jack Barker is of course just an actor and Pied Piper is of course just a made up company, the trend of startups moving from B2C to B2B is very real.

For consumer-focused startups, the path to building a massive user base and then converting them into paying customers has proven to be daunting. On the other hand, with B2B companies, instead of selling to one consumer at a time, they are able to sell in bulk and begin generating revenue far faster than B2C startups.

This trend is taking place across many verticals, but it's becoming increasingly popular in the on-demand economy, which according to CB Insights has raised over $1.5 billion in Venture Capital per quarter since Q2 of 2014.

Here's a look at 10 on-demand companies serving the B2B market:

Spiffy is giving businesses a leg up when it comes to workplace benefits. The on-demand car cleaning, technology, and services company is redefining something that can fall last on a nagging to-do list: a car wash. Companies partner with Spiffy to provide employees a 100% environmentally friendly service that is taken care of while they work. With Spiffy, a technician grabs the key straight from your desk, provides updates throughout the service, and returns the keys upon completion.

Think of your most complex legal issues: contracts, regulation and compliance, corporate transactions. Some major corporations experience these on a daily basis, but smaller start ups see them pop up once in a blue moon. It's a waste to keep a high-paid attorney on retainer when they're used so infrequently. That's why Axiom has developed a full suite of on-demand legal services. With their team of over a thousand lawyers, they're well equipped to handle any legal problem, day or night. Paying large firms a retainer for the rare occasion they're needed isn't compatible with today's on-demand economy.

Shipping is a major part of businesses selling physical products. For companies with irregular shipping patterns, hiring a company to pickup and ship on a consistent schedule is inefficient. Shyp is offering an on-demand solution. They package, pickup, and ship your items for the lowest price. It's a completely on-demand solution to one of the most important aspects of most delivery-reliant companies.

Event planning can be tough, especially when you have to find a venue on short notice. VenueBook features spaces in major cities across the US that can be booked on-demand to host your event. It's a peer to peer based system where property owners can list their venue on VenueBook to rent out. New properties are showing up all the time so the market doesn't stall. While many popular venues need to be booked months in advance, the average VenueBook location can be ready as fast as a week.

Many workers today aren't looking for a full-time job. They want flexible opportunities to make money that fit into their schedule. Companies are in the same boat; while not looking for full-time hires, they still need a temporary position filled for an event or even a simple task. Shiftgig is putting the two in touch with one another to create an on-demand workforce for all types of work requirements. Shiftgig boasts promoting a healthy lifestyle with the ability to add value to multiple companies and find a good balance of work and personal life.

ezCater is taking care of food while you take care of everything else. Whether it's lunch for the office or catering an event, ezCater is the on-demand middle-man of whatever food you need. They'll cater a one-on-one meeting or a company wide outing. Size is no issue. With 55,000 restaurants that they do work with, it's hard to imagine a meal they can't provide.

On-demand isn't just for things that can fit in your hand. Full size equipment rentals are now on the menu. From dumpster containers to full-size excavators, Getable has it all. Regardless if your construction job is long in planning or a sudden emergency, you can order any number of large-scale machinery whenever you need it. They'll send you pricing information instantly and have your rental ready as soon as you are.

Cargomatic is an unsung hero for shippers and carriers, serving as a middleman who constantly connects the two. Shippers are in a constant frenzy to get packages delivered on time while carrier trucks are losing money every second they're not driving. Cargomatic has created the platform for real-time connection between truckers and shippers so once a truck is available a shipper can load them up. They're expediting an industry where saving time is literally saving money.

Cyber security is becoming more important as the digital world continues to expand. Whether you're a tech firm or a restaurant, chances are you're using some form of digital platform that can be at risk for a cyber attack. Bugcrowd is the on-demand source to ease your concerns. Whether you need fast help to eliminate a current threat or a quick analysis to ensure your system is safe, Bugcrowd offers a fast, pay-for-performance platform to take care of it. If you don't need a full suite of cyber security experts constantly monitoring your network, just hire them as needed.

Kapow offers real-time event booking for venues, catering, and event event planning, all in one fast solution. With options in all major cities, Kapow can support any range of event types. Whether it's a retail event, sports related, or just a nice dining hour, Kapow can have it ready to go as soon as you are. They specialize in taking the planning off your back so you can enjoy the event and stay productive.