Life is increasingly being lived on mobile. We communicate via mobile. We purchase on mobile. We control our houses on mobile. It's not easy finding a single person in the developed world who doesn't own a mobile device. However, the hardware of a mobile device is rendered useless without a suite of apps.

In 2009, Apple coined the phrase, "There's an app for that," in their iPhone 3G commercial (they've since trademarked the phrase). Ever since, there has been an explosion of mobile app development. There's hardly a task you could think of that the mobile world hasn't already digitized.

While mobile apps are fun for the end user, the development process can be incredibly tedious and challenging. Despite these obstacles, there has been no decrease in demand for app development. Accordingly to a Gartner study, "by the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organizations' capacity to deliver them".

Below are 10 companies that will try and fill that void.

What would your business look like if you could reduce the time and cost of testing new mobile ideas by 90%? Enterprise IT systems are in dire need of more streamlined, faster mobile interfaces that make sense to today's on-the-go professionals. With full native integration, Fuse helps developers write 80% less code to create better apps in less time. As a result, businesses have higher performance and can access all device features and third party integrations. With Fuse, expect lightning fast iterations to test new ideas instantly. No need for outsourcing. This encourages innovation with the organization.

Developing superior mobile applications isn't just about better programming or an appealing design. While an app can't survive without functionality, it's also equally important that it's backed by a strong business. Applico believe that companies muss possess a strong entrepreneurial mindset if they want to develop an app with lasting success. That's why they pair disruptive businesses with a team of experts to build superior applications that are meant to last. Their approach to development begins with a strong foundation that won't crumble underneath development.

Yeeply is all about building your dream team to make the best app possible. They believe in three main aspects of the perfect team: cost effectiveness, mitigating risk, and controlling your project from the ground up. The way in which they do this is by helping you outsource your projects to certified professional who will offer development at a fraction of the normal cost and still ensure a top level product. They even offer in-house project managers that give you a better overview of your project and assurance that it's being handled the way you want.

Sourcebits is the all-in-one app development platform. They're handling every step of the development process and working right alongside you. From initial strategy to development, and even marketing and analytics, Sourcebits is doing it all. They work to take your ideas and help you craft them into a innovative and successful app for all platforms. They give you the tools to explore new app possibilities that other developers aren't even working with yet. And they're not just limited to mobile. They can even create desktop and web apps with the same quality as their mobile ones.

Raizlabs is focusing on the most important part of app development, the end user. They believe the user-friendly experience that we've come to appreciate should be universal across all applications. They take things a step further by collecting user experiences and feedback to determine where apps are lacking and how they can be improved. They've worked in development for companies such as Six Flags, AAA, B&H Photo, and L.L. Bean. They collaborate with you to deliver an easy to use app that gets the job done.

Think Apps isn't content with just developing mobile apps. Sure they're great at that. They have all the bells and whistles that makes a development company great: build you a team, collaborate with you along the way, provide insightful data along the way to give you an overhead view of the whole thing. But now, they're moving into wearables. Think Apps sees the future and it's in wearable technology, that's why they're developing apps for the Apple Watch as well. Due to limited functionality and a small display, wearable devices haven't been a developer's playground so much as the smartphone, but Think Apps doesn't want to stop there. If you've got a groundbreaking idea to put further use to the wearable app market, Think Apps is ready to help you get there.

OutSystems is all about speed and efficiency when building mobile apps. They have a full coverage platform for designing, deploying, and managing apps. The simplicity of their platform makes it convenient for developers to make necessary changes to apps on-time, a big necessity in the fast-paced digital world. To further improve app development, OutSystems offers an in-app feedback ability so users can submit suggestions or requests directly in the app.

Mobiles apps are quickly rivaling air for the most necessary thing we have. Unfortunately for most, the cost of app development is extremely high and without years of practice, learning a new coding language is no easy feat. This is why AppSheet has developed a platform for creating apps without coding. It handles all the complicated work in the background while users fill in the blanks with their data. Schools, small businesses, and even non-profit organizations have simple use cases where a mobile app is necessary but unaffordable. With AppSheet's easy-to-use automated platform, it couldn't be easier to create your own app.

Firebase is specializing in handling all the major tasks that app developers don't want to think about. Infrastructure, analytics, database management; all are necessary to the integrity of the app but all are secondary in terms of priority. App developers want to focus on developing, and that's what Firebase wants them to do. They handle all the backend while also providing a platform for development, testing, and implementation. They help keep all your bases covered while you focus on doing what you do best.

AppOnboard is changing app development with superior features and a download-less platform. Mobile ads are becoming one of the largest ad platforms in the world, yet there is a serious lack of development in the area. Their platform has a chronological heatmap technology to track user input when displaying ads. It's an analytics approach to determining what users want to see and how ad generators can target their audience most appropriately. It's incredibly insightful for those using it and it's a major cost saver.