There's no question that a thorough social media utilization plan will dramatically benefit your blog post reach. Sharing far and wide, and sharing well, brings back significant returns, and you don't even necessarily need a huge social audience. Here are tips and methods to use to earn more shares.

1. Post Your Content Several Times

Every social network has different acceptable standards for posting your content repeatedly. Twitter is the fastest; you can tweet when you publish a post, tweet it again a few hours later, and the next day, and the next week. Facebook and most others should be limited to the day of publication and a week or two later, unless you're heavily pushing the content.

2. Format Posts for Individual Networks

Just make sure that when you're posting on a social network, you're not cross-posting identical messages. Facebook users hate hashtags, while Twitter requires them. Google+ gives you a lot more space to work with. Take each site into consideration.

3. Use Stand Out Social Sharing Buttons

No one will share your posts if they don't see the option to share, right? You have options for social sharing buttons, and I always suggest using highly prominent, graphically visible buttons. The default tiny white buttons just get lost.

4. Include Click to Tweet Snippets

Social sharing buttons can only do so much. Twitter users would still have to come up with a tweet, so I recommend doing it for them. Come up with formatted tweets and use a click-to-tweet plugin to allow Twitter users to post the message with a single click.

5. Hire a Promotion Service

Services like Blogpros hook into your social media accounts and monitor your blog for new content. Once you've signed up for a free trial, when new content is posted, the service creates a unique and compelling post and pushes it up on your social networks with no effort required on your part.

6. Perform a Little Influencer Outreach

High tier industry influencers don't want to be bugged with your posts every time you make one, but there are a lot of mid-level influencers who will be more amenable to sharing interesting content. Find people who like and post content similar to yours, and reach out to them with your link. If you don't already have a BuzzSumo account, give their free trial a test drive. Bonus points if you're linking to one of their posts in your content.

7. Submit Your Content to Roundup Creators

Every industry has a few bloggers who pad out their content with weekly or monthly roundup posts. It can be very useful to get your link in their roundup posts, you just need to let them know about your content. Even if they don't take direct submissions, they'll be made aware of your side and will recognize you later on.

8. Create a Content Digest Newsletter

Your email marketing doesn't have to be nothing but high-pressure sales. A weekly digest of the content you post--or monthly if your volume is low--goes a long way towards building awareness. Include a title, a snippet, and an image for each for maximum draw.

9. Cover the Trends

There's a reason so many of the largest sites online are news sites; they cover the content and issues that are of immediate and high importance. The more you can cover news, and the faster you can do it, the more people will turn to you as a source of facts and opinions on the trends.

10. Use an Exit Intent Popup

Most people use exit intent popups to market their webinars or newsletters, their eBooks and their products. While this is effective, it's a limited use of the technology. Consider instead using the script to ask people to give your content a share if they liked it. Ouibounce is a free script that you can try, instead of paying for a monthly service.

11. Do Unto Others

As they say, the golden rule is to do to others what you would have done to yourself. If you want people to share your content, give their content a share occasionally. You don't need to make it a 1-for-1 swap, nor should you think of it as payment; just share content you find interesting and the creator will likely do the same.

12. Create Content Worth Sharing

There's a lot of information out there about the psychology of social media and what makes people want to share. Learn what makes a post more shareable and strive to write content that fits that pattern. I'm talking emotional appeals, social connections, trust, the whole nine yards. If you pick only one tip from this list to follow, make it this one.