Salespeople are pushy, but we're all selling something these days, Dan Pink, the bestselling author of To Sell is Human, said during the World Innovation Forum Thursday.

"Like it or not, we're all in sales now. You are selling, but the cash register is not ringing. You're selling, but the denomination isn't dollars, euros, or pesos. It is time, attention, effort, energy, commitment, those kind of things."

Whether you're pitching your boss or a customer, you'll need to master the new ABCs of selling: attunement, buoyancy, and clarity.

Here's what Pink recommends: 

Attunement. Get out of your head and learn to see things from your customer's perspective.

Buoyancy. In sales, you face a lot of rejection--"not a pond, an ocean," said Pink. Try to quickly get over it and move on. 

Clarity. To convince someone to buy your service or product, identify the problem they're trying to solve then explain how you can help. 

"A shift from the skill of problem solving to the skill of problem finding-- that's really what innovators do," said Pink. "They find problems that other people didn't realize were problems." 

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