If you run a growing business, you're working really hard. You probably take on a bunch of work yourself so you don't have to spend money on hiring a bunch of people, and that's probably OK. But don't let it get in the way of your own success. If you personally have to do a lot of the heavy lifting, it's understandable, but you need to make time for a few things the enable the business to grow.

1. One day a week, get out of the weeds, think strategically.

It's too easy to get buried with day-to-day tasks and meetings and not really think about where you want to take the business. But take a day, or even just an hour or two, and really pull yourself away from it all. Don't schedule meetings, close the computer if you can, and really think about the big picture.

Where do you want to be with your business in a year, or five years? How big do you want it to grow to or how small do you want to keep it? Do you have the right people in place now and for five years down the road? Do you have systems in place to grow, or do you need to invest? Where would you get the money and how long for the payback?

All of these questions and more will help you get clarity to prioritize what's important and, even better, what isn't.

2. Keep tabs on your competition.

You can always get new ideas from the competition and it's easier than ever to see what they're up to online.

Check out SEMRush to find out what keywords they're being found with in the search engines. You might find a new keyword you could compete for. Sign up for Google Alerts to track every time their name is mentioned online. Pony up some bucks for BuzzSumo, Rival IQ, or Compete to keep tabs on what they're up to. Follow them and their CEO on social media to see what they're posting about.

You might find they've got a new product you didn't know about, new messaging that might be working better, or a new target market they're going after. You don't have to be the only one coming up with great ideas, and if some of those ideas can improve your business, consider them.

3. Get a life.

That's right--get a life, a real one. Read, run, take up Krav Maga. Whatever you desire that doesn't have your head buried in your business or your computer 200 percent of the time, just do it. And don't feel bad about it or guilty. Everyone needs to de-stress their mess, so just do it. Your team will love you for it. And you never know how some time away from the office can actually spur new ideas! But if not, that's OK too. It's healthy.

There are a hundred things we're all doing to be successful; add these to the list!