It's tough to be the one at the top, the one that has the final say, the one who could make the tough decision that really could either bring millions in the door or be very costly. And for a lot of leaders, we are predisposed to having our minds made up before we have heard any other ideas or suggestions. But what about that quiet genius in the corner, the one you hired because she knows more than you? Do you have it in you to ask her advice?

Some of the best leaders in companies let their employees help them make decisions. These leaders are not the ones who have a huge ego; they listen, they don't just talk. They solicit advice to make the best decision they can. They understand they don't have all of the answers and that their ideas might not always be the best.

Here's what you need to think about when it comes around to the next big decision you're about to make:

1. You are not all-knowing.

You are not perfect and cannot know everything. Make that known. Let your experts weigh in on decisions that matter. This shows your appreciation for what they bring to the table and humanizes the "boss."

2. Not everything is dollars and cents.

Sometimes decisions have to be made that are more strategic to your business. If the business development deal doesn't look good on paper but it might be with a great company name to get the next big deal, it may just be a wise choice.

3. Actively seek advice.

Don't wait until someone wants to chime in on a big decision, because most people in your company will only offer if asked. Just ask.

If the decision worked out, it's always good to publicly thank your people for helping you make a successful one. This shows that you're human and that you truly appreciate your people for their expertise. If it doesn't work out, don't rub it in their face, especially in a public forum.

So next time you're facing a big decision and have formed an opinion, tell your folksm "Hey team, I'm willing to be argued out of this if anyone has another point of view."

You might just be surprised.