If you've got a startup and you need to get the word out, great for you! The first thing you need to read is Nine Things To Do Before Launching Your Startup. It's killer.

At Dasheroo, we launched a free online service where you can set up a data dashboard in minutes and start tracking your business KPIs. But we needed our own traffic, especially in the early days so we could test out our features and see what people liked and what they didn't.

So we started to list our business everywhere we could, especially the ones with a nice MOZ domain authority (your score out of 100 for relevancy and it takes a long time to grow it!) Ultimately here are a few sites that drove a very high sessions and conversion rate to sign up for our business dashboards service.

This was a great site to get listed on early on, but you can only be listed once and it can be from anyone! That means you are not in control of when you may be submitted. A happy user posted us, which was great but I wish we could have delayed slightly longer to have a few more features. I don't have a Google Analytics dashboard for this one but it popped big! (Domain authority 58)

Another awesome site to get listed on. You get votes, so it's important to get your friends and fans to 'up vote' you. Product hunt has staying power, we keep getting sessions and sign ups to this day and it was posted over a year ago. (Domain authority 70)

Dasheroo's Traffic from Product Hunt

Here's our Google Analytics traffic from Product Hunt.

This is a site to get listed on for awareness. It doesn't have long runway of traffic but it's a nice pop! (Domain authority 35)

Dasheroo's traffic from Launching NextHere's our Google Analytics traffic from Launching Next.

This is a gift that keeps on giving, partly because they're an SEO natural and come up tops in the search if you're searching on the name of a given company. (Domain authority 72)

Dasheroo's traffic from AlternativeToFinally, our Google Analytics traffic from AlternativeTo!

There you have it, what are you waiting for? Go list your startup!