Coming up with content on a regular basis is tough, no matter what business you're in. You've got to dedicate time to your thought process, to come up with content ideas that matter, and you have to take the time to create the piece that's going to help you get the word out.

But what do you do when you have writer's block? We've all been there.

Seems like everything in the world has been written about, so how is your piece going to stand out and get noticed? Here's 5 ideas that will help you get unblocked and unleash your creative genius!

Email the Experts!

Reach out to people in your network. Go to HARO (Help a Reporter) and request a tip on a specific subject, then publish all of the tips with their names and links to their site. We've been a part of CEO Blog Nation's 26 Entrepreneurs Give Their Best Business Tips post just by answering a question.

Weekly Favorites

Publish a "Weekly Faves" blog post of either things you've published or cool things you've run across during the week. John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing does a great job at a very short list and it gets a lot of traffic.

Infographics of OPR (Other People's Research)

Using or create an infographic. Why not create a eye-catching infographic citing research findings from other people to tell your story. For instance, if you found 5 pieces of research on a topic of importance in your industry include the metric and attribute it to whomever originally published that finding. You get a great piece of content and they get their name out there. Bonus? They might even socialize your infographic!

The Blog Topic Generator

This is awesome, go to Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator if you're stuck for ideas. Fill in THREE nouns and watch what gets generated! You'll be amazed at the ideas you'll get.

 inline image
 inline image

Use Your Keywords

Any keywords you want to be ranking for are a great inspiration for new content. For instance at Dasheroo, one of our keyword phrases we want to be known for is "YouTube Analytics". So we published "YouTube Analytics: 5 KPIs to Track for Success" on our blog. This way we get the benefit of having that phrase linked, plus when someone comes to the blog they may find enough value that they sign up for our service.

There you have it, 5 easy ways to brainstorm content ideas for your business.