If you're running a business you know there are ups and downs - the good, bad and the ugly. Things can be great and things can be tough, but when it all comes down to it you've got to ask yourself: are you happier running your own business than working for someone else?

If the answer is yes, it's that time of the year to look on the bright side of things and give thanks. There are those out there that aren't as fortunate as you, so it's a good time to reflect on the things that matter, the things that make your business the success it is today.

What's simple? Shoot an email to those that helped put you where you are.

  1. You are alive and kicking - Thank a higher power.
  2. Your business is doing well - Thank your employees.
  3. You've got some great partnerships - Thank your partners. Thank you Inc.
  4. You've got money in the bank - Thank your investors for believing in you.
  5. You've got revenue coming in your door - Thank your customers.

At my startup Dasheroo, I'm thankful we've got an awesome idea, team, investors, users, partners and yep, I'm breathing. It's all good! I need to go send some emails. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.