You don't become a success alone, you've got friends who support you and family who listen to your business trials and tribulations. You might even have both friends and family who work side by side with you. And they run the gamut don't they?

They're all types of different people you need in your life that help you achieve success depending on your definition. And if you get to success they get to success, whether it's profiting from it monetarily or profiting from it by seeing you be successful. Let's take a look at 5 types of people that you might want, or are already lucky to have, at your side.

People Who Love Life

These are people who just have a positive attitude about life. it's not all about work, their take is that life is short so work hard & play hard! They may have had near-death experiences themselves or close-to-home, but they give you an inspiration that you've never had before. They enable you to think beyond the job, which sometimes gives leaders the most inspiration.

I've got a friend, her name is Cathy, she is a survivor. She reminds me that life is awesome and she drinks in every moment of life. So when business gets too crazy, I text Cathy about the fun we have when we're together, it's very grounding.

People Who Are Good, Really Good

I'm talking about good people. People who are good to others. CEOs who view themselves on the same playing field as their flight attendant. We want to hang with them. We want to talk to them, and laugh with them. The people with the big hearts that inspire us all to do more, to do good.

Candida is really a good person. She's in Human Resource management and if you ask me it suits her. She has seen it all and heard it all in business where people aren't "afraid of the HR lady" and go to her with any issue; and real life where she sat by both her younger brother's and sister's side while cancer took their lives. She has a big heart and a big work ethic but she enjoys life. She would do anything for you and she makes you a better person.

People Who Challenge You

People who challenge you are some of the most powerful in your network. You don't have all of the answers and they've got most of the tough questions you didn't think of. And maybe you're pissed you didn't think of those questions or have the answers but thank goodness you've got these people in your life for that! They may annoy you at times but they bring you to a level you might not have attained.

Bob has always been there for me as a friend and mentor. He's the age my dad would be were he still alive. Bob has been on my board, I've been lucky to have him as an investor in companies I've been a founder of. Bob brings up the tough conversations that need to be had, and I'm forever grateful for it.

People Who Listen, Not Talk

These people are so powerful. They're the few in your life that want to know more about you, your business and want to help, constantly wanting to get you in touch with people they know that can help. They ask you a lot of questions and listen to every word you say. They won't turn every conversation you have around to them. They're genuinely interested in what you do, and who you serve.

My friend and business partner in crime Dave, who was my CFO turned COO is just amazing. He is the best listener in the world. He'll listen, reiterate a situation as he understands it, then form not one, but two or three sensible options. The best thing about Dave is that he's genuine. He's always looking for ways to help a situation that you might be in, even if you didn't ask, and he'll never talk over you.

People Who Trust You Enough To Follow

These are not people who follow you on Facebook and Twitter, these are people who literally follow you. They listen to you, they challenge you, but in general they're your cheerleaders. You've done a great job communicating your vision for the company for them to get behind you and when you leave, they want to work with you again.

Josh believed in the idea for the company I started, VerticalResponse, and 14 years later after I left, he believed enough in Dasheroo's vision (our new company) and the team, to leave VR and join as a co-founder. He loves what he does, he's passionate about the customers we serve and he inspires me every day. One day I'm going to follow Josh!

The bottom line is that you'll never get successful all by yourself. So, surrounding yourself with amazing people in your life is only going to propel you there that much quicker!

What people do you surround yourself with to help you be successful?