I'm a die-hard advocate of Virgin Airlines, but on a recent trip to visit family over the Thanksgiving holidays, I had to choose Delta because Virgin didn't fly where I was going.

Virgin America was recently in the news for their new in-flight safety video that garnered rave reviews on social media. So, as I settled in for my flight on Delta, I expected the same old traditional video I've seen on every airline (except Virgin) a million times over. But to my surprise, Delta has video that was the perfect mix of information, content and entertainment. Even businessmen in suits were cracking up watching. Now we all know, getting frazzled travelers to actually stop what they are doing to watch that video is no small feat. And as I looked around, nearly everyone was intently watching. Not only were they watching, but they were smiling, chuckling and listening. Wow.

A week later, I was on my post-Thanksgiving, Black Friday flight and sat back to watch the video again, and much to my surprise, Delta had a holiday version of the video. It had nostalgic and beloved holiday characters such as the Nutcracker, Santa Claus and the Abominable Snowman, and a festive cast of passengers in ugly holiday sweaters. The video was targeted, timely and, again, entertaining.

It's encouraging to see conservative businesses like airlines and even K-Mart (with their Show Your Joe commercial) embracing content as a way to better connect with their customers.  Take a nod from these examples to think about how you can present expected content to your customers and prospects in a new and entertaining ways.

Do you give them the same old how-to? Try having a funny or unexpected character show the how-to. Do you present a standard video about your product or service, or do you show a real-life customer using it in a cool way or with awesome results? Do you use the same old background music or mix it up?

All these ideas can be used to get your creative juices flowing and help your business create content that can breakthrough the boredom and engage your customers right here, right now.

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