If you're a business owner, you probably spend a great deal of time trying to drive traffic to your website.

You might use different methods to do this, from organic and earned traffic (like creating great content, or getting press coverage) to paying for ads; some folks spend mega bucks to get folks to their site. But no matter what your budget or methods, I've got a few simple tips to help you make the most of each and every visitor that you get to your site.

Grab Attention With Video

When you reach the homepage of a website you should know within three to five seconds what the company is and what you can do there. Sounds pretty easy, right? Not always so. Lots of businesses get caught up in trying to say everything and end up with a text-heavy homepage that no one wants to read. The results? A lost opportunity. Or, some sites try to go too far the other direction with a single headline and hope that you get the gist. It doesn't always translate.

An explainer video can be huge in demonstrating exactly how your business can help potential customers. The key is to make it about your website visitors and how your company can help them, not about you and what your company does. What challenges do they face or obstacles do they need to overcome? How can your business solve those issues? I recently wrote a post on how to create a compelling explainer video with more tips to help you create a great one.

Show Good Form

Oh, forms! They can either work for you or against you so it's really important to nail a form if you have one on your site. How many times have you gone to a website and wanted to download some free content or a free trial, only to have to fill out a form that had more fields than a college application?

The secret to a great form? You don't have to get every bit of information from your visitor the first time. Yes, you may want 10 pieces of information, but your visitor may only want--or have time to give you--two. Plus, once you get past three or four fields, your conversion rates (or the number of people that fill out your form, sign up, etc.) will start to drop off. So, don't go there.

Instead you can use progressive profiling. When a visitor comes to your site and carries out multiple actions (e.g., downloads multiple whitepapers), they're presented with different fields on each form. This lets you collect, say, eight pieces of information while only asking your visitor for two at any given time. It usually translates into a much better user experience and you end up with more information you can use in the future to deliver content and offers that are more targeted for your visitor. Most customer relationship management (CRM) systems allow you to do some sort of progressive profiling.

Cross-Sell for the Win

You've worked hard to get that visitor to your site, communicated how your company can help them and kept your forms short and sweet. Once you've hooked them in and they're adding products or services to a shopping cart, make sure you suggest a complementary add-on product. If they are shopping for a gift, suggest something for them as well. Don't stop there. As your visitor moves into the checkout portion of their visit, suggest and recommend things all along the way. Think about your own purchase process and your post-purchase communication for ways you can cross-sell for the win.

By incorporating these three tips, you should be able to maximize each visitor to your website and provide them value all along their journey.

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Published on: Jan 6, 2014
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