Most of us have websites for our business but what I find interesting is how often the all-important About Us page is overlooked and seems to be more of an afterthought than an attention getting, customer seeking powerhouse that it should be.

The About Us page should answer the critical question nearly every new visitor and potential customer asks: "Who are you?" When someone is thinking about buying from or engaging with your company, chances are they want to know a little more about you. The "about" section is an opportunity to highlight your history, personality, accolades and more. It's a glimpse into your company beyond what's on your product pages.

When it comes right down to it, people want to work with businesses they trust and are comfortable with. So show them who you really are using a few (or all) of these five tips:

1. There's a Story

Just like with your other marketing efforts, providing relevant and engaging content shows your customers that you're a great resource and your About Us page is no exception. Tell a story (but don't write a novel). Share when the company started, who started it and why. Include photos and relevant milestones. List some (not all) of your biggest awards, company stats and any significant articles written about you in the press--this adds credibility and personality. And this is no place to be shy, name-drop some of your best or most well-known customers.

We love this example from one of our customers Pawtrero, a family owned, independent pet supply store in San Francisco.

2. Personality Plus

Often, what seals the deal for a potential customer goes beyond what products and services you offer and boils down to being a "good fit"--that intangible feeling of likeability. So how can you show that you're likeable without trying too hard? By showing some personality on your company profile (and throughout your website in general) you can reach across the great divide that is the Internet and show there is a heartbeat and a pulse of real, live, cool individuals behind your company.

Zappos and Google are known for being fun and a little off-the-cuff, and their "about us" sections reinforce this; it speaks volumes about their culture and the way they approach their work and connects them to their millions of customers.

3. It's All About Them

People want to do business with people, not a corporate machine and the power of images is undeniable. Include pics of your executive or leadership team (and include their Twitter handles--it might encourage some good follower competition) or just you if it's only you; this is a great opportunity to put faces to names and let people know that you're the real deal. And, if it suits your business, break out of the standard headshot and have a bit of fun with the pictures and the bios so that your personality shines through.

One of our customers at VerticalResponse, a pet care business in San Francisco called Pet Camp, not only posts photos of their staff and camp counselors in their "about" section, but also their beloved pets, too.

4. It's Not Buried Treasure

VR About Us Link

Don't bury the link to your "about us" page at the very bottom of the home page in microscopic print. Considering it's one of the most-visited pages of any company website, you want to make it easy for people to find--above the fold or in the main top navigation bar is ideal. On the VerticalResponse site it's always the 10th most visited page!

Also: If you don't have a separate "contact" section, include all your contact information--address, phone number, e-mail address, links to social media profiles, etc.--in your "about" page. Better yet, include a link to your "contact" page in your "about" page anyway, just in case.

5. Remember Search

Include a couple of keywords that you think people will use when searching online for the products or services you offer. Link those keywords to their specific product sections of your website. This not only improves the visitor experience, but gives your website a boost when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), too.

Does your company About Us page make you clap or cringe? Go visit it now!

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