Pictures and images make everything better, especially online. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather see something visual than read a big block of text. I'm sure a lot of your customers and potential customers feel the same way, too.

Luckily, featuring images on social media are becoming more common than ever. On Facebook, photos attract 53 percent more "likes" than text-only posts and links, according to one study. And the popularity of image-sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram proves that one picture really can be worth a thousand words.

Here are five ways to boost your number of fans and followers by using images on social media. Try 'em out and let me know if you see any results!


Spread the joy! If you're sharing pics on Twitter, why not post them to your Facebook page, too? And don't forget Pinterest, if you're active there. This not only gets you more bang for every pic you share, it lets people know that you have other social accounts, too.

Just Snap Away

Unless you're in the photography business, there's no need to be super picky about the quality of the pictures you post to social media. Your followers don't expect award-winning shots. The important thing is that you're sharing interesting content.

You don't need to be an expert photographer to take good pictures; most of today's smartphones have cameras with high enough resolution for great online photos. You also can try a free photo filter to help make your pics "pop" even more. Instagram is the most popular social platform with built-in filters, and can be used with both iPhone and Android phones.

Get Emotional

On social media, the posts that capture the most attention are the ones that create an emotional response. Whether it's an "aww" or a "lol," you want your images to spark a reaction (a positive one, hopefully). It might help to share your pictures privately with a few close co-workers at first. If they love it, chances are your followers will, too. Just remember, when someone comments on your photo, their followers see it, too!

Share Images From Others

There's no rule that says you can only post or share the photos and images you've created yourself. A great way to show some love to your fans and followers is to share their awesome content, including graphics and images, with your networks. Just make sure to give credit where credit is due.

Post Often

It may seem like extra work, but try to post new pictures on social media on a regular basis--it's quick, easy, and pretty fun, too! With any luck, people will begin to look forward to them and check back to see if you've got anything new. If someone comments on your image, make sure you "like" their comment. Responding to your customers, fans, and followers is your key to success. Keep posting images, keep it interesting and give people something to come back for!

Have you had success using images on social media? What did you do? Let me know in the comments below!

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