The other day we had a meeting at Dasheroo and one person who will remain nameless and is now truly embarrassed said "we probably can roll that resource off of that project by the end of November right?" To which I replied "um, resources are people dude."

So I got to thinking about specific terms I'm just tired of (and everyone has their own) and why. Then I headed over to a very wrong place on the web, the Urban Dictionary, to find some really great slang meanings. If you click on that link you are sure to be shocked so click lightly!

Here's some light reading:

Resources, Human Capital, Associates, Assets, Talent

All of these terms are the same. They're people, they're team members, they're human beings that do some really great work for your company so treat them that way. I love this article about "resources."


1. a person who is defined as departmental cog for a business / company
2. a peon
3. I can't write :-)

At the end of the day...

What does this even mean? It's just unnecessary vocabulary isn't it? "At the end of the day what we really need here is more revenue." Just say, we need more revenue.

UD: An irritating verbal crutch, indicating closure or synopsis, for morons who are incapable of finishing a sentence without incorporating at least one tired cliche.

I couldn't agree more.

To be honest, If I'm honest

I've actually used this one and I'm pretty upset when I do! Why would you ever imply you're not honest?

UD: The phrase "to be honest" is often used as a filler which makes a sentence run on. It is often perceived that one who uses such phrase implies that they often are not honest, so they feel the need to say "to be honest" when they actually are being honest.

Seems like a waste of words, huh?


Just brainstorm, whiteboard, come up with ideas. Dani Frankhauser of Mashable may not have gotten a job because she used this buzzword in an interview.

UD: The process of a group of guys brainstorming on where to go to meet hot chicks. The process of ideating will help you and your boys from going to a bar with no chicks, or worse, a bar full of donkeys.

With All Due Respect

Just never say this. It almost goes without saying you just don't respect whomever you're talking to and it's a vocabulary waster.

UD: A phrase that allows the user to be a complete d___ without being entirely rude.

Screw The Pooch

This was apparently a military term that used to be a lot worse, fill in F___ The D____. And why again would we really need to use this? How about just "screwed up?"

UD: In skateboarding, to lose control of the board and crush one's testicles on a rail, bar, lip, or other similar surface.

Obviously I picked the funny one...ouch, we wouldn't want to confuse the two!


We get it, cute. Let it soak in, think about it. Just say that, we don't need cute.

UD: When in college, the act of doing nothing in your pajamas, just laying around in your room. Most of the time without under clothes.

This is the only one I could write about that wasn't X-rated!


Right it means follow up. Don't ever forget the "/" or its meaning is something VERY different. Why put yourself in that position?

Honorable Mentions

"I hope she's not drinking the Kool-aid to support that revenue number"

"I've got a hard stop at 9:30 so let's get this meeting started."

"Are we all looking through the same lens for a solution to this problem?"

Do you have your own annoying business buzzwords? Share them please!