I'm sure you're busy running your company or your division within a larger business. I'm also positive that you've got a ton of work to do. And time after time you find yourself in the weeds. So what do you do? All of your employees are busy doing their respective jobs so taking them away from what they're great at to do your tasks might not be the answer. At Dasheroo we're moving into working with virtual assistants to help us focus on getting business dashboard features in front of users which helps us grow.

Here are 5 things you might be wasting your time on or worse yet not doing at all, that you can outsource to a virtual assistant!

Input Business Cards & Follow Up

Every day you speak to someone important but you might not be collecting their information and entering them into a database or a CRM system. Think of the opportunities you're missing out on by not getting on a "great to meet you" email fast. So it's time to start sending those, but not you, a virtual assistant. You can easily send the business cards that you collect every week to someone to input for you. Provide your virtual assistant with the basic email copy and have him or her send those emails on your behalf. Then you have a list of people you can communicate with electronically.

Augment Your Contact List

Once you start to build your list in a contact manager you can add more information to each of your contacts. You can have a virtual assistant locate their LinkedIn address (and connect with them), their Facebook Page (and follow it), their Twitter address (and follow them) and their website address. They can enter all of this information into your contact manager so you can have more actionable information and the opportunity to build stronger connections with your leads and customers.

Social Media Evergreen Posting

If you regularly post to social media you can have a virtual assistant do the bulk of the posting for you using a variety of online tools like Sprout Social or Hootsuite. Evergreen posting can be a time-consuming activity, but it's important for you to be posting regularly in the social media world. Plus, you'll get great traffic to some older, yet still very relevant, content.


Did you ever have time to just sit back and research new and prospective industries you might have a great product for? Who's alive and growing and who might be a great target for you? Give some great direction to a virtual assistant and you might be surprised by how many new companies you'll be going after.

Email Newsletter

Many companies have weekly email newsletters using tools like Emma or Campaign Monitor. The time-consuming part might come from getting your content into that newsletter. At my business dashboards startup Dasheroo, we use Screenflow to record a training video of how to set up a newsletter ONCE and then our virtual assistant can refer back to it when they need a reminder.

Take a look at this list for Virtual Assistants, VA Staffer and Zirtual are also good. I think I just saved you hours in a week for you to either relax, contemplate, or focus efforts on parts of the business that need you!