If you're like me and you run your own business you may be up early checking in on what's going on; whether you've got an office full of cubicles or you're looking at last night's restaurant earnings.

Then you're off to work where you've probably got a ton of meetings with your team, lots of customer interactions, and maybe some supplies to buy.

You might be lucky enough to go out to dinner, or you get home just in time to tuck the kids in bed; then you're checking email, getting back into work or preparing for the next day.

When do you have time to be strategic? When do you have time to take a look at how your business is really doing and where you want it to go?

Sunday is my day to hunker down and dig in.

How can you best utilize your Sunday (or whatever day you choose) to focus on how your business is doing? For my online marketing company VerticalResponse, I usually ask myself some questions and look at a few things like:

1. The Competition. What new things are they doing that could benefit, or hurt your business that you might not have caught during your busy week? Take a look at their social media presence and see what they're doing better that you can learn from. Are they posting to Facebook every day and if so what are they posting and what kind of engagement are they getting?

2. Sales. What's changed over time for the better or worse and start to ask the questions like what's behind the changes. Then either drill down or have someone on your team look at it.

3. Test New Things. Take a look at your website, when was the last time you tested a new homepage or new offers to drive more business online? Think about your physical location, what can be improved, how much is it going to cost and do you have the budget and time for it? Is it a large project or can it be broken down into smaller ones?

4. Streamline processes. Pick one process to focus on that can really move the needle. Perhaps it's customer service. Maybe you're getting a ton of calls from customers. Can you use that time on the phone to cross-sell them other things? Can you use the real estate in the bottom of your emails to let subscribers know about a new product or service? Can you record a message on your phone system that talks about what you have to offer?

All of these things are so important for your business to grow...set aside your own Sunday time and get going!

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