As the end of another quarter and year approach, many of us are trying to close that last big deal or deals before everyone breaks for the winter holidays.

But after you've sealed the deal, it's not time to kick it with a glass of nog.

It's time to sell them something else.

Yes, you heard me right--the best time to sell someone something it right after they've just purchased from you. I'll explain ...

They're Engaged

Think about the feeling you have after you've just made a purchase. There's usually a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction and perhaps even happiness. And as a business, think of all the things you did to accomplish that end-state. You may have sent email offers, nurture campaigns, had salespeople call, created an end-to-end experience. And when it all comes together and results in a purchase, everyone is happy. So why not capitalize on that and strike while the iron is hot? You can immediately offer something that complements the purchase, or will provide added value to your customer. Win-win.

They May Have Another Need

How many times have you bought something only to realize you needed something to go with it? Maybe you bought a new Keurig coffee maker, only to realize you needed the contraption that holds all the coffee pods. Or maybe you just invested in some new software as a service (SaaS) for your business and realize you need more features or added functionality. Sometimes you don't know these things until you have the product or service, so as a business, you need to anticipate these and offer them up on a silver platter while your customers are engaged and ready to buy.

They Have Friends

People buy from people and they also trust people when making a buying decision. In fact, a study shows that 59 percent get personal advice from friends or family members before buying. So, it makes sense to motivate folks who have recently bought from you to share with their friends. You can send them an offer to share (that's why "Friends & Family" deals are so popular) or make it easy for them to tell their social networks about their recent purchase (Amazon does this and they know a little something about generating sales). Happy, satisfied customers can become your most loyal source of new customers.

How can you be there for your customers when they need to purchase from you the most? Share in the comments.

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