Uber won me over in a whole new way with their recent promotion on National Cat Day. Here's what the company did right:

1. Targeted a non-traditional holiday. While everyone and their brother (including us) was sending out Halloween themed promotions, Uber sent out a promo e-mail in honor of National Cat Day. The email simply stated,"Today is the most adorable of all days... it's National Cat Day. To celebrate we've partnered with the most popular meme site, Cheezburger to bring you kittens. Literally."

2. Had great partnerships. Besides just partnering with Cheezburger for cat memes, Uber explained that in select cities (Seattle, New York and San Francisco) that you could request the "KITTENS!" option via your Uber app, and  "If the furry friends are available, you and your buds will be enjoying 15 minutes of snuggles and cupcakes made by the famous Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman and his team at Charm City Bakery." Kittens and cupcakes? Is there even a question that they would create awesome demand?

3. There was a good cause. Uber partnered with local animal shelters to donate all the proceeds of the $20 Kitten promotion. Plus, they also encouraged users to donate more when they were done with their snuggles.

4. They nailed it--even when they didn't 

Uber kitten apology e-mail

After the offer ended, they reached out to folks that had attempted to use the promotion, but were unable to get through due to the high demand. Uber sent a personalized e-mail with an apology, and a $10 credit for your next ride.

5. They created great buzz. Using the #ICanHasUberKittens hashtag, Uber's Twitter feed went wild with folks sharing images of their cuddles and further spreading the word about the promotion.

How can you use Uber's promotion to shape your next offer? I know I'm inspired!

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