When the mass majority of your prospects and customers are total strangers how do you develop meaningful and long lasting relationships? And how do you keep those customers loving your business and engaged in your content?

The Golden Promise

Many marketers don't deliver on the golden promise they made when someone opted into their mailing list. The cure? Deliver what you promise. It's that simple. If someone signed up for your e-mail list and you promised to send them tips on home repair once a month, do it. If you send e-mails every week with offers for 50 percent off paint and wood flooring, you break your promise. When someone provides you their e-mail address, they're saying they trust you to do the right thing with it. Sending an offer as a value-add is fine, but if it's the only content you send that's a problem.

Content For the Win

Of consumers that unsubscribe, nearly half cite that they find content to be repetitive or boring over time; another 25 percent find content irrelevant. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you must deliver relevant, value add content to your subscribers to keep them engaged and coming back for more. You owe it to your customers to deliver something of value. There has to be something in it for them. By becoming an invaluable resource, and providing the content they need and want, you'll deliver time and time again.

Kick SPAM to the Curb

When a subscriber has had enough, how do they choose to end it? Two-thirds click "unsubscribe," some just delete the e-mail. And a few will really stick it to you--they click the spam or junk button, sending your message to the black hole of e-mail hell and possibly your sender reputation along with it. So, how to stay in the good books with your subscribers? Mail on a regular schedule and stick with it. If you decide to increase the frequency that you mail your subscribers, communicate it in advance and let them know the value of getting more from you.

How do you create content that serves your customers and provides value?

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