You have some great people working at your company. They love what they do and they love working for you and your business. So when was the last time you told them you thought they were rock stars? When was the last time you publicly patted them on the back or gave them a virtual attaboy?

BambooHR, an HR software company, published findings from a survey it did on why people leave their jobs. They found that out of the top five reasons, one was, "my boss doesn't trust me," and another was "my boss blames me for mistakes."

When people leave, it's mostly because they didn't like their boss or didn't feel valued.

So value someone today and let that person know that he or she makes a difference to the success of your company. How?

Say "thank you" (and mean it). Easy, right?

Even better, be specific about what you really liked, so she not only feels appreciated but also knows exactly what she did so she can do it again.

Here are a few more fast and easy employee recognition ideas:

1. Send a thoughtful note.

Let your employee know that you appreciate all her contributions to the team. You can do this via email or make it extra-special and write out a thank-you card.

2. Take him out to lunch.

Make it informal. Ask him about his family, friends, and life outside of work. Ask him if there's anything you can do to help him grow and succeed.

3. Nominate her for an award.

There are several awards programs out there that honor excellent employees, like the Stevie Awards, and probably others that are specific to your industry.

4. Put up a whiteboard or bulletin board.

Post quotes from customers (or other employees) praising your star team-member. We currently do this in the customer support department at my email marketing company, VerticalResponse, and it's been a great motivator.

5. Heap on the praise.

At companywide meetings, make sure you don't inadvertently take all the credit when talking about or presenting a successful project. Give shout-outs to all those who worked on it with you. Even better: Make them stand up so they get a round of applause.

It isn't hard to keep the rock stars happy at your company and fend off those Glassdoor alerts that might be landing in their email inboxes. You just have to be aware and proactive at letting them know they're appreciated.

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