Apple has always been known for its attention to detail. That's part of the experience, and it's part of what the company's fans have come to expect. Apparently, that's especially true of Apple's most recent product launch, the Apple Card.

According to Apple, "The titanium Apple Card is laser-etched with the card holder's name and the Apple logo. A white finish is achieved through a multi-layer coating process that's added to the titanium base material."

That's pretty impressive for something you shove into your wallet and stash in your pocket. Except, Apple absolutely doesn't want you to do that at all. In fact, the company has provided detailed instructions on how to care and handle your laser-etched, titanium physical card.

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Wait, what?

Here's why this is so amazing. Clearly, Apple doesn't simply see Apple Card as a method of payment. Instead, it's a device, just like an iPad or a pair of AirPods. And with Apple, every device is an experience. That's one of the reasons the company's fans as so loyal-- every product reinforces the overall "Apple experience."

But back to your normal credit card experience--do you care whether it gets scratched, or whether the finish starts to dull? Maybe a little, but as long as it still works and earns points or miles or cash back, I'm guessing you're good. 

But Apple Card is different--especially the physical version. After all, Apple Card was basically made to be used with Apple Pay. That's the entire purpose of the card. You might argue that the physical card was almost an afterthought. It's the backup plan just in case you find yourself in the early twentieth century one day and no one accepts digital payments. 

But even the backup plan gets the first-rate treatment with Apple because details really do matter.

I'm not gonna lie, I can't decide if the fact that Apple went through the trouble to create this "support" document is amazing or absurd. But either way, Apple cares deeply about the experience you have because as soon as that card starts looking ordinary, or beat up, it loses its magic. You'll still be able to use it "everywhere MasterCard is accepted," but Apple knows it won't quite be the same.

Think about your business. What is the experience you want your customer to have? Do the details make that experience real, or do they make you a liar? It matters because the details are everything when it comes to your brand.