What would happen if you took David Leitch, the co-director and executive producer of the John Wick films, Atomic Blonde, and Deadpool 2, and asked him to film a snowball fight--entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro? If your answer is "something epic," then you would be correct. 

It's also a ridiculously cool lesson in how some of the best creative efforts are about using the tools you have at your disposal, instead of wishing you had the fanciest gadgets and technology.

Look, I'll be the first to admit I like gadgets. It's especially fun to try them out and write about them, and there's no question the iPhone 11 Pro is a pretty powerful piece of technology. Not only that, but Apple went to great lengths to highlight its merits as a still and video camera during the product launch a few months ago. 

Apple has also nurtured the iPhone's reputation as a creative tool through its "shot on iPhone" campaign, of which the "Snowbrawl" video is its latest installment. But, still, I bet you didn't know it was capable of this:

Sure, Leitch had access to a crew and some pretty serious steady-cam rigs, but the video itself is all 4K video shot at 60 frames per second on an iPhone 11 Pro. Which, by the way, he says was a benefit, not a limitation.

"Things that are hard to simulate with big film cameras we were able to make in this classic kung fu composition very quickly and easily ... it was fun," said Leitch in a behind-the-scenes video Apple released at the same time. 

"I could tell from the first shot when we had the backlight going through the smoke and she's running ... it was really beautiful and epic."

It really is. I know it's kind of weird to get chills when watching a commercial, but seriously--how cool is it to think that anyone who buys the newest flagship iPhone has access to the same ultra-wide-angle camera, the same 4K quality video, and the same slow-motion capabilities?

In fact, according to Leitch, they were actually able to pull off shots they couldn't have done with a theatrical rig. "We were embracing the strengths of the camera," he said about the shots they were able to get using a device that fits in your pocket.

As an entrepreneur, there are a million reasons not to create. There's never enough time, money, or people to achieve whatever it is you're aiming for. There's always a reason to not do the hard thing. There's always something else to do instead, something else to distract you. Often that something else is the lie that "If I only had ... "

"Hopefully, this piece can inspire filmmakers to take the device out and be as creative as we were here," said Leitch. Yes, this.

Because creativity is about what you create with what you have. And sometimes what you have is small enough to fit in your pocket, but that doesn't mean you can't create something epic.